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Critical appraisal
What is meany by the number neede...,
Equation for nnt,
What is meant by relative risk
134  cards
Basic Science And Anatomy
What spinal level do pain signals...,
Normal range of prolactin,
Normal range of lh
134  cards
Basic Clinical Skills / OSCE
Steps for management of a patient...,
Special considerations for contra...,
Management of a 45 yr oldbrca2 ve...
15  cards
What effect does chc have on seru...,
Cautions to using ulipristal acet...,
Advice for emergency contraceptio...
275  cards
Abortion care / Unplanned preg
The sites of uterine perforation ...,
Pre abortion assessment steps,
Average crl at 6 40
44  cards
Medical Gynaecology
First line treatment of lichen sc...,
What is lichen sclerosus ls and w...,
Signs symptoms of lichen sclerosus
24  cards
surgical gynaecology
What is the standard recommended ...,
Overall risk serious complication...,
Risk of haemorrhage requiring blo...
44  cards
Causes of pre testicular male sub...,
Testicular causes of male subfert...,
Post testicular causes of male su...
105  cards
Urogynaecology and pelvic floor
Causes of a vesicovaginal fistula,
First management of genuine stres...,
Management of genuine stress inco...
32  cards
Gynae Oncology
Treatment of persistent gtn with ...,
76  cards
Early Pregnancy
Possible sites of ectopic pregnancy,
Risk factors for ectopic pregnancy,
When should women with confirmed ...
69  cards
Antenatal care
What is the rate of congenital ru...,
Incubation period of rubella,
Symptoms of congenital rubella sy...
65  cards
Intrapartum and postpartum
Hormones involved in lactation,
What hormone is involved in milk ...,
Can a baby with galactosaemia be ...
116  cards
Metabolic pathway of oral estrogen,
Percentage of women with prematur...,
Age cut off and premature menopause
296  cards
Evidence re pms and vitamin b6,
Risk of high dose of vitamin b6,
What is core premenstrual disorde...
41  cards
Symptoms of candidal vulvovaginitis,
When to refer candidal vulvovagin...,
Treatment of candidal vulvovaginitis
214  cards
Factors influencing the efficacy ...,
Factors increasing the risk of hi...,
Hiv prevelence in sex workers wes...
64  cards
Sexual Problems
In a psychosexual consultation wh...,
Examples of defence mechanisms fo...,
Characteristic psychological patt...
22  cards
Sexual Assault
What immediate needs should be co...,
What medium term needs may a pati...,
What long term needs may a patien...
12  cards
Ethics and Law
consent, informed choice, probity, FGM, abortion law, status of asylum seekers in UK, sexual offences act, Gillick competence and Fraser Guidelines, confidentiality, safeguarding, data protection, interpreters and advocates
27  cards
Public Health
Criteria for a screening programme,
What is information bias,
Examples of sources of health inf...
19  cards
Teaching and Appraisal
Principles of adult learning, designing and delivering teaching, giving feedback, supporting failing trainees
6  cards
Leadership and Governance
values and principles, time management, workload management, leadership, managed care networks, appraisals, recruitment policies, sickness policy, harrassment and grievance policies, complaints, audit, performance standards, funding structures, financial reports, budget and purchasing
9  cards
IT, audit, research
0  cards

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