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CBT Theory
What is the cbt theory of change,
Cbt role of the therapist,
What are the treatment goals in c...
38  cards
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Theory
Rational emotive behavior therapy...,
Rational emotive behavior therapy...,
Rational emotive behavior therapy...
11  cards
Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Theory
Dbt dialectic behavioral therapy ...,
Dbt dialectic behavioral therapy ...,
Dbt dialectic behavioral therapy ...
11  cards
Client/Person - Centered Therapy Theory
Client person centered therapythe...,
Client person centered therapyrol...,
Client person centered therapytre...
9  cards
Gestalt Therapy Theory
Gestalt theory of change,
Gestaltrole of the therapist,
Gestalttreatment goals
11  cards
Existential Therapy Theory
Existential therapy theory of change,
Existential therapyrole of the th...,
Existential therapytreatment goals
5  cards
Experiential/Symbolic Therapy
Experiential symbolic therapytheo...,
Experiential symbolic therapyrole...,
Experiential symbolic therapytrea...
11  cards
Narrative Therapy Theory
Narrative therapytheory of change,
Narrative therapytherapists role,
Narrative therapytreatment goals
13  cards
Solution-Focused Therapy
Solution focused therapytheory of...,
Solution focused therapytherapist...,
Solution focused therapytreatment...
12  cards
Object Relations Psychodynamic Therapy
Object relations psychodynamic th...,
Object relations psychodynamic th...,
Object relations psychodynamic th...
14  cards
Self Psychology Psychodynamic Therapy
Self psychology psychodynamic the...,
Self psychology psychodynamic the...,
Self psychology psychodynamic the...
15  cards
Attachment-based Therapy
Attachment based therapytheory of...,
Attachment based therapyrole of t...,
Attachment based therapytreatment...
11  cards
Adlerian Therapy
Adlerian therapy theory of change,
Adlerian therapytherapists role,
Adlerian therapytreatment goals
15  cards
Depth Psychology Therapy
Depth psychology therapytheory of...,
Depth psychology therapyrole of t...,
Depth psychology therapytreatment...
10  cards
Bowen Family Therapy
Bowen family therapytheory of change,
Bowen family therapytherapists role,
Bowen family therapytreatment goals
23  cards
Strategic Therapy
Strategic therapytheory of change,
Strategic therapyrole of the ther...,
Strategic therapytreatment goals
12  cards
Structural Family Therapy
Structural family therapytheory o...,
Structural family therapytherapis...,
Structural family therapytreatmen...
19  cards
Satir Communications Therapy
Satir communications therapytheor...,
Satir communications therapyrole ...,
Satir communications therapytreat...
14  cards
Reality Therapy
Reality therapytheory of change,
Reality therapyrole of the therapist,
Reality therapytreatment goals
8  cards

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