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Objective Facts
Classical schools,
Constructivist models post modernism,
Transgenerational models
11  cards
Contextual Fam therapy
Debts or filial responsibility as...,
Deparentification process this is...,
Destructive entitlement this resu...
21  cards
Milan Systemic Therapy
Analogical message,
Circular questioning,
Counterparadox an intervention us...
21  cards
Structural Family Therapy
Affective intensity,
Boundary making
26  cards
Strateigic Family Therapy
Aligning with parental generation...,
Ordeal therapy
11  cards
MRI Group
First order change,
Mri group,
More of the same in mri systemic ...
11  cards
Bowen's Family Systems Approach
Displacement stories guerins inte...,
Family projection process this co...
21  cards
Emotionally Fcused Couples Therapy
Emotionally focused couples thera...,
7  cards
Symbolic Experiential
Symbolic experiential main ideas ...,
Affective confrontation,
Activating constructive anxiety
20  cards
Satir Experiential
Satire experiential audio file 17,
22  cards
Object Relations Theory
Object relations theory audio file,
Working through
10  cards
Solution Focused Therapy
Solution focused therapy audio file,
Miracle question
15  cards
Narrative Family therapy
Historical overview narrative fam...,
Clients as consultants,
Preferred narrative
21  cards
Bateson & General Systems Theory
Bateson general systems theory,
A system,
25  cards
Release of info,
Psychotherapy notes,
If patient is under influence of ...
6  cards
Sex Therapy
Sex therapy audio file
1  cards
Communications Theory
Communications theory audio file
1  cards
MFT Assessments
Mft assessments audio file
1  cards

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