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What happened in the 20s,
What did the 20s cause,
What did stock markets do
33  cards
How long did steinbeck live,
Where was steinbeck born,
What was steinbeck
12  cards
What does the title allude to,
What is the main focus of mice an...,
What does the title represent
9  cards
What was crooks a victim of,
What did workers suffer from,
What happened in this era
13  cards
Title of Mice an Men
Alludes to to a mouse on turning ...,
What does the poem focus on,
What is the plays message
5  cards
background - Jim Crow
What was the jim crow error,
Describe the 1850 jim crow law,
What did unemployment cause durin...
8  cards
background - mental illness and gender
What was the bekeif towards the m...,
Why was there no treatment for th...,
What restricted understanding tow...
10  cards
Terms to discuss
What is an allegory,
11  cards
how to structure a character analysis
Step 5,
Step one,
Step two
8  cards
Lennie Small
Describe lennie,
Stigmatisation belief by some tha...
2  cards
George milton
Describe george milton,
Whys he called george milton
2  cards
Describe candy,
What does crooks represent
2  cards
The boss
Describe the boss,
What does the boss represent
2  cards
Describe curly,
What does the boss and curly repr...
2  cards
The Ranch workers
Describe slim,
Describe whit,
Describe carlson
4  cards
Curlys wife
Why is she seen as promiscuous,
What does promiscuousness cause,
Whats her employment status
11  cards

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