microbial ecology (biol 355)

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Lecture 1: Intro
Define ecology,
Define microbial ecology,
What is an ecosystem
13  cards
Lecture 2: Early Life
What are the 3 domains of life,
Microbes are small and _____,
Describe the bacterial cell struc...
24  cards
Lecture 3: Ecophysiology
Draw a bacterial growth curve,
What is microbial autecology,
What is the unit of measure for m...
26  cards
Lecture 4: Soil
List the 3 types of microbial hab...,
What are the types of aquatic hab...,
What are the types of terrestrial...
70  cards
Lecture 5: Aquatic
Which of the following is most li...,
_____ of earth s surface is water,
What are the studies of freshwate...
33  cards
Lecture 6: Extremophiles
What extreme conditions make extr...,
Match the organism,
List examples of natural and man ...
35  cards
Lecture 7: Sampling and Enumeration
What are the components of a qual...,
What are the challenges in sampling,
What is the function of transects
28  cards
Lecture 9: Microbial Population Ecology
Explain the biological species co...,
Explain the ecology species concept,
What is the most common otu defin...
34  cards
Lecture 10: Microbial Interactions
What is ectosymbiosis endosymbios...,
What are the 2 types of intrapopu...,
Describe bacterial cooperation sy...
13  cards
Lecture 11: Viruses
What is a virus,
What is a phage,
What is a virion
29  cards
Lecture 8: Molecular Diversity
What are the 4 steps of nucleic a...,
Explain how to do a pcr,
What are the caveats of using pcr...
29  cards
Lecture 12: Plant-Microbes
How do microbes interact with pla...,
What is the above ground portion ...,
What is the rhizosphere
33  cards
Lecture 13: Animal-Microbes
What are some positive microbe an...,
What are some positive microbe an...,
Explain the protozoan termite rel...
22  cards
Exam 2
Give examples of man made vs natu...,
What adaptations have thermophile...,
What adaptations have acidophiles...
116  cards
Lecture 14: Metabolism
What is the difference between ca...,
Assimilation is _____ dissimilati...,
What are equilibrium vs exergonic...
23  cards
Lecture 15: Biogeochemical Cycles
1  cards
Lecture 16: Wastewater and Bioremediation
0  cards

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microbial ecology (biol 355)

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