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Chapter 3 Worksheet
T f the only external structures ...,
T f glycocalyx is a gelatinous st...,
T f glycocalyx composed of organi...
48  cards
Chapter 1 Worksheet
T f bacterial cell walls are comp...,
T f all bacteria cells have cell ...,
T f bacteria and archaea are prok...
40  cards
Chapter 1 Learning Outcomes
List and describe the six groups ...,
Explain why protozoa algae and no...,
Differentiate prokaryotic from eu...
19  cards
Chapter 3 Video Notes
Describe four major properties of...,
What are the three domains of life,
What are prokaryotic cells
32  cards
Chapter 13 video Notes
Virus characteristics,
What types of host can viruses at...,
What type of host does the virus ...
17  cards
Chapter 5 Video
1  cards
Unit 2 videos 6-7
What is microbial growth,
What are the chemical and energy ...,
Organisms classified into two gro...
71  cards
Chapter 5-7 Worksheet
Fuel molecule broken down in glyc...,
Carries electrons and h from oxid...,
Invested to energize glucose mole...
120  cards
Chapter 5 Worksheets (Enzymes)
What join two molecules together ...,
What is the molecules the enzyme ...,
What are either vitamins or conta...
16  cards
Learning Outcomes Chapter 5
Define metabolism,
Define catabolic pathway give an ...,
Define the anabolic pathway give ...
20  cards
Chapter 9 Learning Outcomes
32  cards
Chapter 9 Worksheets
Gamma rays x rays and electronbean,
Non penetrating radiation,
Can be used to separate mixtures ...
41  cards
Chapter 9 Videos
What does the suffix cide or cida...,
What does the suffix stasis or st...,
What is antisepsis
53  cards
Chapter 9-10 Pearson
Of the microbes classified as aer...,
Consider a mesophilic bacterium w...,
Some microbes are halophiles and ...
76  cards
Chapter 10 worksheet
Inhibition of cell wall synthesis,
Inhibition of protein synthesis,
Disruption of cytoplasmic membrane
33  cards
Chapter 10 Learning outcome
Define chemotherapeutic agents,
Define antimicrobial agents,
Define semisynthetic agents
31  cards
Pearson Chapter 14
What cellular structure protects ...,
What type of microbe has lipid a,
Which general group of microbes c...
85  cards
Chapter 14 videos
What is normal microbiota,
What are the two types of normal ...,
When do you acquire normal microb...
76  cards
Chapter 14 Worksheet
The enzyme that separatesstaphylo...,
Digest the collagen structuralpro...,
Proteins that allow adhesion invi...
38  cards
Chapter 10 Videos
Define chemotherapeutic agents,
Define antimicrobial agents,
Define antibiotics
41  cards
Chapter 15 videos
0  cards
Chapter 16 videos
0  cards
Chapter 17 videos
0  cards
Chapter 15 learning outcomes
List and briefly describe the thr...,
Explain the phrases species resis...,
Identify the physical and chemica...
7  cards
Chapter 16 learning outcomes
0  cards
Chapter 17 learning outcomes
0  cards

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