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Chapter 1
Science is the study of,
Who is antoni van leeuwenhoek,
Leeuwenhoek reported the existenc...
99  cards
Chapter 2
Matter is defined as,
The smallest chemical units of ma...,
A nucleus is composed of what is ...
187  cards
Chapter 7
Genetics is the study of,
The genome of a cell or virus is,
The genomes of cells and dna viru...
106  cards
Lecture flashcards
The study of organisms too small ...,
Microbiology includes several sub...,
The existence of microorganisms w...
178  cards
Chapter 3 lecture notes
All prokaryotes don t have,
A prokaryotes shell is made of,
The pili on prokaryotes adhere to
56  cards
Chapter 3
Today we know that all living thi...,
All living things share at lease ...,
Living things can grow that is th...
245  cards
Chapter 4
A unit of measurement is,
Scientists use what type of measu...,
The metric system is a
92  cards
Chapter 4 lecture notes
Stains are dyes made of,
Dyes carry ___ or ___ _____ on th...,
Dyes divided into _____ or _____ ...
24  cards
Chapter 5 flashcards
The collection of controlled bioc...,
Metabolic processes are guided by...,
What is the first step of metabolism
190  cards
Chapter 5&6 lecture flashcards
Cells must accomplish 2 fundament...,
The sum total of chemical reactio...,
Metabolism has 2 components
97  cards
Chapter 6 flashcards
What do autotrophs do,
3 things all cells need for metab...,
Heterotrophs relies on
68  cards
Bacteria flashcards
Readily stained organisms fall in...,
Of the four readily stained organ...,
Organisms associated with the ent...
346  cards
Viruses lecture
Herpes viruses 4,
After initial infection virus rep...,
Herpes viruses cause
56  cards
DNA & RNA Viruses
What are viruses made of,
How do viruses reproduce,
The difference between a virus re...
226  cards
HIV lecture
First case of hiv was,
Virus isolated hiv1 was in 1983 a...,
Hiv2 was isolated in
54  cards
Viral Hepatitis
Hepatitis a virus causes,
Important properties of hepatitis a,
Important properties of hepatitis a
27  cards
What does hiv cause,
Important properties of hiv,
Describe the genome of hiv
11  cards
Hepatitis lecture
Hepatitis a hav,
Hepatitis a hav transmission,
Hepatitis a hav epidemiology
23  cards
Parasitology lecture
Each animal can be a host of many...,
It has been estimated that more t...,
In this course we will concentrat...
20  cards
Controlling microbial growth in the environment
What is antisepsis,
Examples of antisepsis,
Antiseptics are frequently
60  cards
Chapter 9
Sterilization does not apply to p...,
In practical terms sterilization ...,
Does commercial sterilization of ...
86  cards
Antimicrobial drugs lecture
Antimicrobial drugs are chemicals...,
What is semisynthetics,
What is synthetics
30  cards
Chapter 10 Controlling microbial growth in the body
Chemicals that affect physiology ...,
Drugs that act against diseases a...,
What did paul ehrlich 1854 1915 do
32  cards
Disinfectants lecture
Action of antimicrobial agents al...,
Action of antimicrobial agents da...,
Ideally agents should be
24  cards
Innate immunity lecture
Natural resistance or species res...,
Innate immunity is adaptive immun...,
The role of skin in innate immunity
30  cards
Innate immunity chapter
The first line of defense is comp...,
The second line of defense,
The first two lines of defenses f...
16  cards
Adaptive immunity
Adaptive immunity is,
Five attributes of adaptive immun...,
Adaptive immunity involves activi...
17  cards
Adaptive immune response
Nature of antigens,
Structure of the ab,
What are the protective outcomes ...
69  cards
complement pathways
Describe the classical pathway,
Lectin pathway similar to classic...,
The alternative pathway becomes a...
9  cards
What are immunoglobulins,
What are immunoglobulins used for,
What do b cells secrete what type...
13  cards
B cells
Antigen antibody generator compou...,
Nature of bcr antigens is greatly...,
What is an immunogen
40  cards
Innate immune system lecture
Specificity memory,
First line of defense are barrier...,
Normal microbiota
28  cards
Immunological disorders
Immunologic disorders,
Type i hypersensitivities immedia...,
Type i hypersensitivities immedia...
21  cards
T cells
The lymphoid system is a collecti...,
Lymphoid system includes,
Lymphatic vessels do what
13  cards
B & T cell activation, and development, cytokines, mhc 1
B cells are the leukocytes that t...,
B cells are activated when,
Two main types of t cells each pa...
18  cards

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