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Placenta Variations
What is the name of this placenta,
Name this placenta,
Name this placenta
15  cards
This _____ twins,
These are ______ twins,
These are ______ twins
9  cards
Referral Guidelines NZ (2007)
What is the purpose of the referr...,
What are the four referral catego...,
Pre existing condition of cardiac...
20  cards
Legal requirements of prescribing,
Each item on the prescription mus...,
The 9 rights of drug administrati...
14  cards
Symptoms of low iron,
What us the normal range of hb fe...,
What are some dietary ways to hel...
15  cards
Early Pregnancy Medications
What are the 2 medications that a...,
Why is folic acid recommended and...,
When is it appropriate to recomme...
7  cards
Nausea in Pregnancy
What cause women to have nausea i...,
What are some natural ways to hel...,
How long does normal morning sick...
7  cards
First & Subsequent Antenatal Bloods
What are the first bloods recomme...,
What are the 2 sti that are teste...,
What are the normal ranges of hb ...
11  cards
Gestational Diabetes
What is the pathophysiology of ge...,
What are some typical indication ...,
What is the normal range of hba1c
15  cards
Preeclampsia & Hypertension
What are the characteristics of p...,
If a wahine has symptoms what is ...,
What is the referral process of p...
17  cards
Definition of antepartum haemorrhage,
Possible causes of aph,
What are the mechanisms of a bree...
4  cards
Definition of an antepartum haemo...,
Possible causes of aph,
A wahine at 10 weeks gestation ca...
4  cards
Placental Abruption
What is it happening when there i...,
Predisposing factors to a placent...,
Signs of a placental abruption
5  cards
Pulmonary Embolism
Define pulmonary embolism,
Signs of pulmonary embolism,
Causes of pulmonary embolism
3  cards
Amniotic embolism
Define amniotic fluid embolism,
Acute signs of afe,
Common signs of a afe
8  cards
Definition of a postpartum haemor...,
1000mls is considered a pph for what,
What are the causes of a pph
13  cards
Shoulder Dystocia
What are the signs of shoulder dy...,
Why does shoulder dystocia occur,
What are the risk factors for sho...
14  cards
Everythiong Pepi
110bpm 150bpm is what,
What do you use apgars for,
When is vitamin k strongly recomm...
37  cards
At what gestation should antenata...,
How long can you leave it at room...,
How long can colostrum last in th...
11  cards
Medications used in pregnancy
What medication is used for vagin...,
Metronidazole is used for what ba...,
Azithromycin is used to cure what...
11  cards
Cardiac and blood flow changes of pregnancy
When do the peak of cardiac chang...,
What happens to the cardiac syste...,
What are the percentages that a w...
11  cards
Definition of gdm,
What are the risk factors to deve...,
A women with a normal hba1c bmi a...
8  cards
What is pethidine use for in labour,
What category is pethidine,
How is morphine administered
11  cards
What is the purpose of a ctg,
This ctg is from a primpgravid wa...,
What are the 5 identifying factor...
11  cards
Pain Relief
If a wahine with a epidural has a...,
What are the guidelines of monito...,
In the exam it ask about the epid...
3  cards
What is being screened for in the...,
What is the time frame you can of...,
What test are done to obtain a re...
11  cards
What is the best contraception fo...,
What contraception can midwives p...,
What contraceptive pill is best u...
3  cards
Induction of Labour
What are indications for inductio...
1  cards
Perineal Trauma
What how may degrees of perineal ...,
Injury to the perineal skin and o...,
True or false injury to the perin...
11  cards
Menstrual Cycle
True or falsefsh lh progesterone ...,
Why is there a peak of lh around ...,
Where dose fertilization occur
6  cards
What are some sti that are bacter...,
What sti are viral based,
11  cards
Post-partum medications
What are analgesia can midwives p...,
What does nsaid stand for,
When should a midwife avoid nsaid
10  cards

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