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Tumor: Soft Tissue Lesions
At what size should you 3d image ...,
Next best step if you did an unpl...,
Mri finding for soft tissue sarcoma
42  cards
Tumor: Bone Lesions
Mechanism for nsaids against oo,
Aeiou y diaphyseal lesions,
Dx oo
12  cards
Tumor: Other Lesions
What are the two cafe au lait spo...,
Nof1 xr2 presentation 3 histo4 trt,
What disease is multiple nof
31  cards
Tumor: Chondroid Lesions
Describe xr appearance enchondrom...,
What is ollier disease,
What is mafucci disease
10  cards
Foot and Ankle
Where is the hypovasc zone for pt...,
What is the last failure for ptt,
Why can people with ptt not prefo...
75  cards
Foot and Ankle Questions
Presentation of advanced plantar ...,
4 risk factors for creating hallu...,
What is muller weiss disease
36  cards
Sports LE
What is the staged return to play...,
What is post concussion syndrome,
What is the lucid interval
96  cards
Sports UE
What is normal hh and glenoid ver...,
Which ligaments provide ap vs sup...,
What is a sublabral foramen and b...
36  cards
Recon 1 (TKA)
What natural mechanics of the kne...,
Which injections are backed by th...,
What supplements are mentioned in...
111  cards
Recon 2 (THA)
Interval for anterior approach,
Interval for lateral approach,
Interval for ant lat approach
54  cards
Recon Qs
What is the pattern of medial com...,
5 minor msis criteria for peripro...,
2 msis major criteria for peripro...
15  cards
Small group categorical data best...,
Large groups categorical data bes...,
Continuous data different individ...
20  cards
Linezolid mechanism,
Lmwh mechanism,
Heparin mechanism
15  cards
Basic Science 1
Fatigue strength,
Osteopoikilosis what is it inheri...
55  cards
BS 2
Articular hyaline cartilage how g...,
Describe collagen structure,
Where do you find type x cartilage
39  cards
BS 3
What is a centromerewhat disease ...,
Disease for anti dsdna abs,
Disease for anti histone abswhat ...
48  cards
Biomaterials + Biomechanics
What is the stress equation,
What is the strain equation,
Stress strain curve what is the x...
30  cards
BS Periop Complications
Describe how platelets respond to...,
What are 3 hypercoaguable disorde...,
What is the final product of the ...
19  cards
OITE 2021
Age location chondroblastoma,
The majority of enchondromas are ...,
Treat enchondroma
76  cards
OITE 2020
Myxoid liposarc,
Synovial sarcoma fusion protein,
Pl insertion
52  cards
Spine: C
What is the rate of tandem myelop...,
What are parameters for congenita...,
3 ways an acute cervical disc pre...
69  cards
Spine: TL
Name the muscle to test for each ...,
Motor grading 0 5,
Sensation for each nerve levell1l...
71  cards
Trauma 1
What is stage 3 shock eblhrbprr,
Whats the ratio of blood products...,
Describe stable vs unstable value...
74  cards
Trauma 2
Spur sign is pathognomonic for wh...,
What is the gull sign,
What is operative threshold for p...
49  cards
Hand 1
Order from inner to outermyelinpe...,
What cells make myelin,
What is the intrinsic vs extrinsi...
51  cards
Hand 2
What is the dominant feeder for t...,
What is hypothenar hammer syndrom...,
Treat small vessel vaso occlusive...
50  cards
Name the syndrome congenital join...,
Genetic mutation larsen syndrome,
Name the syndrome mutation non os...
62  cards
Peds 1
Name 5 fractures that should trig...,
3 step workup for nat,
What is special about a peds c sp...
77  cards
Peds 2
Ais what adams forward bend warra...,
Name indications for mri in ais,
When does peak growth velocity ha...
67  cards

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