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1.Introduction to History
What are the subdivisions of history,
What is the importance of art and...,
How long is india s history and w...
21  cards
2.Advent of Europeans in India-1
Who helped vasco da gama to reach...,
Who received vasco da gama when h...,
Who is acknowledged as the real f...
15  cards
3.Advent of Europeans in India-2
What was the name of the company ...,
When did the company established ...,
Who did the english east india co...
38  cards
4.Battle of Carnatic-1
What was the third carnatic war a...,
Who were the opposing sides in th...,
What were some of the notable eve...
33  cards
5.East India Company, Robert Clive and Dual rule in Bengal
Who is considered the main archit...,
Who were the two governor general...,
Who were the two governor general...
28  cards
6.Pitt’s India Act-1784
Who was the prime minister of bri...,
Why were select committee and sec...,
What was the purpose of the commi...
29  cards
7.Lord Cornwallis and permanent settlement
Who is known as the father of civ...,
What did lord cornwallis bring in...,
According to the civil service co...
31  cards
8.Marathas and Mysore
Who was john shore,
What was john shore s contributio...,
What is the permanent settlement ...
65  cards
9.Marathas and Mysore-II
What was the purpose of the secon...,
Who formed an alliance and fought...,
What was the significance of the ...
43  cards
10.Lord Wellesley, William Bentick & Dalhousie
What were some key events that oc...,
How did lord wellesley justify an...,
Name some newspapers that were cr...
16  cards
11.Charter Act 1833, Macaulay Declaration 1835, Lord Dalhousie & Charter Act 1853
What was the significance of the ...,
How did the charter act of 1833 a...,
What changes were made to the eas...
20  cards
12.Doctrine of Lapse
Who proposed the doctrine of lapse,
Which governor general of india i...,
What was the objective of the doc...
6  cards
13.The Revolt of 1857
What were the economic causes of ...,
How did the east india company s ...,
What was the impact of rural inde...
51  cards
14.Act of 1858 & Act of 1861
When was the government of india ...,
What event led to the passing of ...,
What was another name for the gov...
37  cards
15.Lord Lytton, Lord Rippon & Socio Religious Reforms I
Who was lord lytton,
What was lord lytton s pen name,
What characterized lord lytton s ...
35  cards
16.Socio-Religious Movements
What were some of the contemporar...,
What was the condition of women i...,
What impact did the study of anci...
58  cards
17.Socio-Religious Movement-II
Who was ishwar chandra vidyasagar,
What is the significance of barna...,
What contributions did vidyasagar...
70  cards
18.Tribal Movements in India
What were the main activities of ...,
What led to the loss of lands for...,
How did the introduction of money...
45  cards
19.Tribal and Peasant Uprisings-II
Who were the kol people in the co...,
What triggered the kol uprising i...,
What action by the king of pohrat...
69  cards
20.Indian National Congress and Act of 1892
Who founded the indian national c...,
Who were the founding members of ...,
Who is known as indias grand old ...
31  cards
21.Lord Curzon, Partition of Bengal
Who was lord curzon,
How old was lord curzon when he b...,
What economic reforms were implem...
75  cards
22.First Phase of Revolutionary Nationalism
When did the rise in revolutionar...,
What characterized the first phas...,
What were some causes for the ris...
19  cards
23.Home Rule League and Lucknow Pact
What were the reasons for indian ...,
Who founded the indian home rule ...,
What were some activities of indi...
90  cards
24.Arrival of Gandhiji and his era of Experimentation
When and where was mohandas karam...,
Why did gandhi travel to south af...,
What did gandhi witness in south ...
127  cards
25.Khilafat Movement and Non Cooperation Movement
When were the khilafat and non co...,
What was the purpose of the khila...,
Who led the khilafat and non coop...
67  cards
26.Second Phase of Revolutionary Nationalism
What led to the rise of revolutio...,
Why did revolutionary nationalist...,
What setback did the revolutionar...
50  cards
27.Nehru Report and Civil Disobedience Movement
What were jawaharlal nehru and su...,
When was the resolution passed by...,
What happened on the day the simo...
56  cards
28.Civil Disobedience Movement and Round Table Conference
What were the 11 demands presente...,
What deadline did gandhi give for...,
Who gave gandhi the authority to ...
103  cards
29.Second and Third Round Table Conference and Poona Pact
When did the second round table c...,
Why was the second round table co...,
Who represented the indian nation...
43  cards
30.Government of India Act 1935 and Provincial Election (1937)
When was the third round table co...,
Which prominent political party r...,
Why did the indian national congr...
72  cards
31.Congress Government in Provinces, World War-II and Tripuri Session
In which provinces were congress ...,
What efforts were made by congres...,
What actions were taken by congre...
159  cards
32.INA II Two Nation Theory and Partition of India Independence Act 1947
Who initially proposed the idea o...,
To whom did mohan singh turn for ...,
How many men were ready to join t...
234  cards
33.Post Independence History - I
What was the significance of augu...,
When did the constituent assembly...,
Who presided over the session of ...
36  cards
34.Post Independence- II
What were the challenges india fa...,
What was the need for integration...,
What social challenges did india ...
96  cards
What were the three key issues re...,
What language was designated as t...,
According to article 343 1 of the...
90  cards
36.Tribal Integration || Wars of 1962, 1965 , War of 1971 and Bangladesh Crisis
What percentage of the total popu...,
How many tribal communities are t...,
What percentage of reservation is...
45  cards
37.Assam Accord and NRC, Emergency and Naxalism
When was the assam accord signed,
Who were the signatories of the a...,
What was the main demand of the a...
41  cards
38.Naxalism and Environmental Movements
When did the first non congress u...,
Who was the local leader from nax...,
How did the naxalite movement und...
54  cards
39.Mandal Commission, India after 1991
What circumstances led to the imp...,
What were some issues in the indi...,
How did india manage the economic...
72  cards

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