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Mutations at the Molecular Level
What is an auxatroph,
Explain how beadle and tatum s re...,
What is the difference between ge...
7  cards
The Occurrence of Mutations
What are mutagens,
What is the ames test,
Why use multiple salmonella strai...
4  cards
Using Genetics to Dissect Gene Structure
Describe what complementation is,
Describe recombination and its us...,
Why was it so important to use tw...
5  cards
Spontaneous Mutations and their Prevention
What are mutations,
How can mutations arise spontaneo...,
What mechanisms do cells have to ...
7  cards
Mutagens, Mutations and their Prevention
What is a mutagen,
What is ems and how does it act a...,
What is 2 amino purine and how do...
10  cards
Briefly provide a description of ...,
What is holliday s model for reco...,
What is the current model for rec...
4  cards
Overview of Conjugation
Describe the experiment that demo...,
Give a brief overview of how conj...,
What is horizontal gene transfer ...
4  cards
Hfr Strains and Genetic Mapping by the Time of Entry
How are hfr strains formed,
How can conjugation be used to ma...
2  cards
High Resolution Mapping by Analysis of Recombination Frequency
How can conjugation be used for h...,
Describe the process of transduction,
How can transduction be used to m...
3  cards
What is the general mechanism of ...,
How does transduction occur in st...,
What is the role of transformatio...
4  cards
Plasmids and their Maintenance
What is the difference between th...,
What is the role of the accessory...,
What is partitioning
8  cards
0  cards

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