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Exodus of Early Man
Ring species
28  cards
Exodus of Early Man Quiz
The frequency of what types of mu...,
Approximately how long ago did be...,
Approximately how many years ago ...
15  cards
The Replicon
Synonymous mutation,
Nonsynonymous mutation,
The replicon
62  cards
The Extrachromosomal
How does adenovirus replication o...,
What is the role of the terminal ...,
62  cards
What are the two general types of...,
What are vir genes,
Virulence region
43  cards
Bacterial Cell Cycle and ColE1
How is septum formation associate...,
What are the values minutes of c ...,
What is a unit cell
28  cards
Mitochondrial Replication
Triple strand specific rnase,
Sar11 clade,
How is mitochondrial dna passed
24  cards
Proteins of DNA Replication
What does initiation involve,
What must occur at the end of rep...
91  cards
Recombination 1
What is recombination,
When does recombination occur,
Homologous recombination
46  cards
Recombination 2
What are three basic requirements...,
37  cards
Transposition 1
What can transposition events cause,
What part of the genome is compri...
40  cards
Transposition 2
Who was the scientist who first d...,
What can maize transposons cause,
34  cards
Transposition 3
What is the retrovirus life cycle...,
What is provirus,
What are the components of the re...
43  cards
Repair Mechanisms
How many repair genes are there i...,
What are the five types of repair...,
What are the main two types of dn...
74  cards
Prokaryotic Transcription 1
Coding strand,
Transcription unit,
What is the rate of transcription
56  cards
Prokaryotic Transcription 2
What are the two subunits that sh...,
What are the two elements most pr...,
What is the up element
43  cards
Prokaryotic Transcription 3
Factor independent termination,
What do intrinsic terminators con...,
True false the mechanism for intr...
15  cards
The Operon
Hairpin helix hairpin,
What groove of the dna interacts ...,
How does the binding of the alpha...
74  cards
CAP Regulation
What binds the dimers in cap,
Cap bends dna more than 90 degree...,
What binds to cap as an activator
31  cards
The Trp Operon
Label all the parts,
Label all the parts,
What would happen if the intrinsi...
19  cards
What is the packaging of dna,
Density o,
What does packaging relate to
47  cards
What is telomere what is telomere...,
What is the relative size of telo...,
What is the meaning of tandem rep...
27  cards
Histones and Nucleosomes
How many nucleotides per nucleosome,
How many nucleotides would be lef...,
Which histone is not present in t...
54  cards
Eukaryotic Transcription 1
Basal transcription factors,
Core promoter,
Start point of transcription
50  cards
Eukaryotic Transcription 2 & 3
What is the tbp for rna polymerase 2,
How does tbp bind to dna
49  cards
Eukaryotic Transcription 4
What is the role of the heptad re...,
Which large basal transcription f...,
Does mediator bind hyperphosphory...
37  cards
Eukaryotic Transcription 5
Mutation of srb4 how severe,
Srb4 which module
18  cards
Eukaryotic Transcription Regulation
What determines the startpoint fo...,
What determines the frequency of ...,
33  cards

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