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Chapter 2: Mitosis and Meiosis
What is a sister chromatid,
The terminology associated with d...,
The cell cycle can be divided int...
134  cards
Chapter 3: Mendelian Genetics
What factors were crucial to the ...,
Which of the following would be t...,
Does the 3 1 phenotypic ratio obs...
100  cards
Chapter 4: Extensions of Mendelian Genetics
True or false in a cross between ...,
Which of the following statements...,
What is the expected phenotypic r...
47  cards
Chapter 5: Chromosome Mapping in Eukaryotes
True or false two genes that are ...,
Genes x y and z are linked crosso...,
Assume that the genes from the pr...
52  cards
Chapter 7: Sex Determination and Sex-Chromosomes
Which of the following statements...,
Monozygotic twins result from,
True or false in humans the male ...
46  cards
Chapter 10: DNA: Structure, Replication, and Variation
In 1928 frederick griffith establ...,
To be certain that the extract pr...,
If avery had observed transformat...
64  cards
Chapter 11: DNA Replication & Recombination
True or false the data obtained f...,
Which enzyme catalyzes the additi...,
Single strand binding proteins st...
126  cards
Chapter 13: The Genetic Code and Transcription
True or false the genetic code is...,
A dna sequence produces a mutant ...,
True or false a polycistronic mrn...
130  cards
Chapter 14: Translation
Which region of a trna molecule b...,
Which of the following statements...,
True or false each aminoacyl trna...
95  cards
Chapter 16: Control of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes
Control regions cis acting,
Trans acting elements,
121  cards
Chapter 20: Recombinant DNA Technology, Mastering Genetics
What is the function of restricti...,
True or false restriction endonuc...,
Bamhi cuts the sequence 5 g gatcc...
89  cards
Chapter 21: Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Proteomics
Which program in the human genome...,
Which of the following is a chara...,
The human genome project which go...
93  cards
Chapter 20: Recombinant DNA Technology, Lecture Notes
Modern techniques,
Clone definition,
129  cards
RNA: Another level of gene control in prokaryotes
Rna is,
Gene regulation using rna molecul...,
Antisense rna
10  cards
Chapter 17: Control of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes
What are transcription factors,
Which of the following elements i...,
True or false alternative splicin...
134  cards
Chapter 15: Gene Mutations, DNA Repair, and Transposition
Generally speaking which of the f...,
What is a mutation mastering gene...,
A base substitution mutation can ...
121  cards
Chapter 18
Distinguish between the syncytial...,
What is meant by the term determi...,
Which one of the following statem...
58  cards
Module 1 Practice Exam and Review
Imagine that a human characterist...,
You are working with a new specie...,
Describe the centromere and kinet...
173  cards
Module 2 Practice Exam and Review
What are the 3 classes of functio...,
Here is a list of eukaryotic rna ...,
Continuous synthesis
103  cards
Module 3 Review and Practice Exam
You determine that you have only ...,
What enzyme is required for pcr s...,
Apart from the enzyme what 3 dna ...
125  cards
Describe the difference between h...,
Describe the differences between ...,
What are 3 typical characteristic...
106  cards
Module 4 Practice Exam and Review
What role does rna stability play...,
List 4 levels at which gene contr...,
Define rna silencing or interfere...
154  cards
Module 5: Lecture chapter 18
Gradients of maternally derived r...,
_____ and ____ mediate developmen...
68  cards
High concentration of which which...,
Conserved developmental genes can...,
The correct sequence in which dro...
105  cards
Name at least 4 structural predic...,
What are the 3 classes of functio...,
Discuss the experimental evidence...
134  cards
List the 3 basic components requi...,
Look into slides describe in orde...,
Answer the following questions ab...
74  cards
Define gene regulation what are t...,
How are mirnas produced how do mi...,
List at least 3 different types o...
112  cards

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