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Biostatistics (I) Measuring Distributions & Calculating Probabilities
What are the two main objectives ...,
What are the main types of biosta...,
What symbol denotes population si...
23  cards
Biostatistics (II) Normal & Sampling Distributions
What is the most important distri...,
What is the normal gaussian distr...,
What are the characteristics of a...
16  cards
Design Strategies
What is the general model for pro...,
What is a needs and assets assess...,
Following the needs assessment ho...
11  cards
Epidemiology (I) Basics
What are the five objectives of e...,
What is the purpose of an epidemi...,
What is the purpose of an epidemi...
37  cards
Epidemiology (II) Rates
Define incidence,
Define prevalence,
Define cumulative incidence
29  cards
Epidemiology (III) Screening Basics
What type of prevention is screening,
What is the difference between a ...,
What part of the disease pathogen...
26  cards
Epidemiology (IV) Multiple Test Screening
What is a way to get around the d...,
What are the two rules of sequent...,
What does sequential testing do t...
26  cards
Epidemiology (V) Descriptive
What is descriptive epidemiology,
What might it mean if morbidity m...,
Why could a change in morbidity m...
13  cards
Epidemiology (VI) Observational Studies
What are the three main observati...,
How do cohort studies work,
How do observational studies diff...
17  cards
Epidemiology (VII) Clinical Trials
What is the difference between a ...,
Define clinical trial,
What is the gold standard of publ...
5  cards
Epidemiology (VIII) Second Half of Class
Attributable Risk, specific study usage, bias and confounding, etc.
38  cards
Epidemiology (IX) Miscellaneous
Increasing the cutoff will do wha...,
Ppv increases if ___ or ___ incre...,
Calculating net sensitivity in se...
39  cards
Health Systems Policy & Management (I) Basics
What public health advances chara...,
What public health advances chara...,
What public health advances chara...
14  cards
Health Systems Policy & Management (II) Health System Models
What are the three main factors t...,
Describe the beveridge model of t...,
Describe the delivery mechanism i...
45  cards
Health Systems Policy & Management (III) U.S. Healthcare
What percentage of all us health ...,
What is the aca medicaid expansion,
Have all states implemented the m...
17  cards
Quality Improvement in Healthcare (I) Patient Safety - IHI Modules (PS 101 - 105)
What proportion of patients exper...,
What percent of adults report hav...,
Are incompetent or reckless provi...
32  cards
Quality Improvement in Healthcare (II) Quality Management - IHI Modules (QI 101 - 105)
Although african americans make u...,
Name as many of the six points of...,
What are four basic components th...
3  cards
Managerial Accounting for Healthcare
_____________ accounting is purpo...,
__________ accounting is purposed...,
What are the four major categorie...
48  cards
Health Economics
Define economic supply define eco...,
Describe the general slopes of su...,
Supply and demand are plotted on ...
31  cards
Tulane/New Orleans Specifics
Louisiana obesity rate,
Common diseases in new orleans po...,
What is louisianas poverty rate
23  cards
What are the five principal healt...,
Ses is responsible for what perce...,
Behavior and lifestyle are respon...
10  cards

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