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Glp 1 stimulated by,
Glp 1 secreted by,
What is the incretin effect
50  cards
Name charcot s triad and what is ...,
Management of ascending cholangitis,
Indications for acetylecysteine i...
54  cards
Inheritance of hocm,
Where is the hypertrophy in hocm ...,
Poor prognostic factors in hocm
85  cards
Classic presentation of dermatiti...,
Diagnosis of dermatitis herpetifo...,
Management of dermatitis herpetif...
36  cards
Features of ptsd,
Management of ptsd,
Side effects of atypical antipsyc...
10  cards
Clinical Haematology
What happens in cll,
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cll...,
Features of cll
62  cards
Antibiotic treatment for an anima...,
Indications for haemodialysis in ...,
Features of a salicylate aspirin od
28  cards
infectious diseases and STIs
Organisms splenectomy patients ar...,
Splenectomy vaccinations needed a...,
Leishmaniasis type of organism in...
56  cards
Clinical Science
Symptoms and mx of hereditary ang...,
Hereditary angioedema inheritance...,
Action of alpha 1 adrenoceptor
43  cards
Acute mx of migraine,
Who should have migraine prophyla...,
Causes of restless leg syndrome
62  cards
Indication for chest drain in pts...,
Characteristic pleural fluid find...,
What is light s criteria
43  cards
How do you tell the difference be...,
What is a significant albumin cre...,
What is nephrotic syndrome
47  cards
Symptoms of reactive arthritis,
Features of polymyositis,
Ix for polymyositis
36  cards
Clinical Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology
What is the drug in anti freeze,
Features of ethylene glycol poiso...,
Mx of ethylene glycol poisoning
22  cards
Association of upward and downwar...,
In what disease are drusen seen,
Risk factors for macular degenera...
6  cards

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