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Quiz 1 Country Music
Folk ballads fiddle tunes america...,
The song house of the rising sun ...,
Which of the following is not a s...
20  cards
Quiz 2 Early Blues
The spiritual is most commonly as...,
T fthe fisk jubilee singers were ...,
Which mississippi delta bluesman ...
20  cards
Quiz 3 Electrifying the Blues
Howlin wolf s unique sound was a ...,
Muddy waters chuck berry and howl...,
T fmuddy water s birth name is el...
20  cards
Quiz 4 Forefathers of Rock
Louis jordan had five consecutive...,
Louis jordan was inducted into th...,
Which c1950 musicians are conside...
20  cards
Quiz 5 The Million Dollar Quartet
Johnny cash died in what year,
T fall six of jerry lee lewis wiv...,
T fjohnny cash s true love and wi...
20  cards
Quiz 6 Elvis Presley
T fduring his high school years e...,
After his 1962 1 hit good luck ch...,
Elvis presley died on august 16 1...
20  cards
Quiz 7 1950s Rock and National Popularity
The host of american bandstand was,
The everly brothers recorded whic...,
T fthe song things that i used to...
20  cards
Quiz 8 Folk Music
Woody guthrie joined which folk a...,
The kingston trio is responsible ...,
In 1948 pete seeger wrote a book ...
20  cards
Quiz 9 Bob Dylan
A future country music legend mak...,
T fthe song hurricane is a dramat...,
T f it ain t me babe is a song ab...
20  cards
Quiz 10 Doo Wop, Tin Pan Alley, Aldon Music Phil Spector
The broadway show smokey joe s ca...,
T faround 1958 famous songwriters...,
The most successful doo wop song ...
20  cards
Quiz 11 Surf Music
The songs surf city drag city and...,
T fmurry wilson father to brian d...,
Dick dale was known as the
20  cards
Quiz 12 The British Invasion
T fthe small faces reformed in 19...,
T f the british invasion is the t...,
T fthe small faces formed in 1965...
20  cards
Quiz 13 The Beatles
Many people in england were shock...,
T fin 1964 the beatles held the t...,
T fmagical mystery tour was relea...
20  cards
Quiz 14 Rolling Stones and The Who
T fprior to forming the rolling s...,
Pete townshend and keith moon are...,
Identify the two hit songs by the...
20  cards
Quiz 15 Motown
T fmartha reeves originally worke...,
Which motown group recorded abc,
The rhythm section or band that p...
20  cards
Quiz 16 Soul and Funk
Aretha franklin s father cl frank...,
The roots of soul music come dire...,
Otis redding s biggest hit song was
20  cards
Quiz 17 Acid Rock
What statement best describes the...,
Which qms album featured variatio...,
One flew over the cuckoo s nest i...
20  cards
Quiz 18 Power Trios and Heavy Metal
Which early hit for led zeppelin ...,
The power trio concept began in t...,
Which member of the yardbirds als...
20  cards
Quiz 19 Punk Rock
Which ramones song did phil spect...,
Who was the lead singer for the s...,
The new york dolls were formed in...
20  cards
Quiz 20 Where Do We Go from Here?
Elton john formed his own record ...,
For all of his perceived weirdnes...,
T fit was frank zappa s band who ...
20  cards
Final Exam
T fthe carter family album can th...,
T froy rogers wrote the cowboy co...,
The song house of the rising sun ...
60  cards

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