my residential apc

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Decks in this class (22)

Why do you want to become a membe...,
What is the role of rics
140  cards
Client Care
Tell about why it is important to...,
Tell me about the different stake...,
Tell me about how you have tailor...
39  cards
Communication & Negotiation
What do you consider to be an exa...,
How do you ensure that the freque...,
What are the different ways you c...
18  cards
Health and Safety
What health safety legislation ar...,
How do you ensure that you comply...,
What are the penalties under curr...
75  cards
Accounting Principles and Procedures
What are the three types of finan...,
What is an asset liability,
Can you give me an example of an ...
32  cards
Conflict Avoidance
What is a conflict,
When do disputes arise in your role,
What can you do if negotiations b...
64  cards
Data Management
Can you tell me three principles ...,
How do you comply with gdpr and t...,
Give me an example of how you pro...
33  cards
Diversity & Inclusion
Tell me about an example of where...,
How successful do you think this ...,
How could you have improved your ...
22  cards
Inclusive Environments
What is the definition of an incl...,
What should an inclusive environm...,
What should inclusive environment...
65  cards
Business Planning
Tell me about your involvement wi...,
What are the corporate objectives...,
How do you work towards these in ...
19  cards
What is sustainability,
What is sustainable development,
What are the triple bottom line p...
113  cards
Housing Maintenance, Repairs & Improvements
What is the role of owners occupi...,
What funding methods are you awar...,
What legislative requirements are...
42  cards
Tell me what are the 5 methods of...,
Tell me about how you would value...,
What is pi insurance pii
354  cards
Maintenance Management
Talk me through your understandin...,
What is a maintenance statutory i...,
Talk me through compliance requir...
107  cards
Supplier Management
What types of contract have you u...,
What rics guidance are you aware ...,
How do you manage performance in ...
50  cards
Explain a key issue raised by ric...,
How do you ensure you make approp...,
What things would you check befor...
183  cards
Tell me about your understanding ...,
When would you use nia as a measu...,
When would you use gia as a measu...
41  cards
Risk Management
What is your understanding of con...,
What is your understanding of pro...,
What are the key aspects of risk ...
58  cards
Tell me about the different types...,
Tell me about a typical defect yo...,
Tell me about a building defect y...
101  cards
How do nec 3 and 4 contracts differ,
When would you use each,
Explain your understanding of dif...
5  cards
Case Study
Did you carry out a pre inspectio...,
If so talk me through your pre in...,
Talk me through your on site risk...
34  cards
RICS Structure
Who is the current rics president,
When was the rics founded,
What is the management structure ...
14  cards

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my residential apc

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