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Instructionscall your command,
Instructionsreport to your command,
Instructionscall dispatcher by te...
7  cards
Possible Crimes
Possible crimesshots fired inside,
Possible crimesshots fired outside,
Possible crimesshot spotter
41  cards
Alarmsbank hold up live person or...,
Alarmsbank burglary live person o...,
Alarmsbank transit live person or...
17  cards
Police Officer / Security Holding Suspect
Police officer security holding s...,
Police officer security holding s...,
Police officer security holding s...
13  cards
Assist Police Officer
Assist police officeruniform offi...,
Assist police officeruniform offi...,
Assist police officeruniform offi...
13  cards
Vehicle Check
Vehicle checkoccupied suspicious ...,
Vehicle checkverify if stolen occ...,
Vehicle checkvehicle is reported ...
5  cards
Robbery (Past)
Robbery past bank,
Robbery past bank transit,
Robbery past commercial
10  cards
Burglary (Past)
Burglary past commercial,
Burglary past commercial lmt ac hwy,
Burglary past commercial transit
7  cards
Larceny (Past)
Larceny past from person inside,
Larceny past from person outside,
Larceny past from person lmt ac hwy
12  cards
Assault (Past)
Assault past knife inside,
Assault past knife outside,
Assault past knife family
24  cards
Other Crimes (Past)
Other crimes past criminal mischief,
Other crimes past criminal mischi...,
Other crimes past criminal mischi...
16  cards
Robbery (In Progress)
0  cards
E911 Code Quiz #1
A male is calling for help in fro...,
Adt opr 276 is calling in a burgl...,
There is a large sink hole on the...
10  cards
E911 Code Quiz #3
There 15 a police officer on thro...,
Capital one bank inside the 42nd ...,
A caller states that a correction...
10  cards
E911 Code Quiz #4
There is a suspicious black truck...,
Sheila was robbed 2 hours ago on ...,
There is a child at school that m...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #5
Frank was cut by the bartender wi...,
Two men are having an argument in...,
There is a large group gambling i...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #6
Two men are spray painting a benc...,
I hear someone screaming and yell...,
I just came back from vacation to...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #7
I need an ambulance my neighbor h...,
There is a car accident on the co...,
A carbon monoxide alarm is ringin...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #8
Billy and bobby are selling crack...,
A female was just electrocuted in...,
Mr green calls stating that he is...
15  cards
E911 Code Quiz #9
There is an eighteen wheeler that...,
Jackie was stabbed two minutes ag...,
Robert was tired from jack in the...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #10
One male pushed another male in f...,
P0 johnson s inside mcdonaids whe...,
Ms jones calling to report her 23...
15  cards
E911 Code Quiz #11
There s a male caller reporting a...,
Jim saw a teenager with a gun on ...,
Mary calls 911 and states white p...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #12
There is an occupied blue van par...,
Jasmine saw a male slumped over t...,
Joe sells drugs from apartment 2c...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #13
A female is locked out of her veh...,
Two males are smoking crack in th...,
A male just intentionally let his...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #14
A bomb just blew up at the 42nd s...,
A male was hit in the eye by acci...,
A female calls 911 to report she ...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #15
A police officer and his wife are...,
Cpr 18 being administered to a wo...,
A male was stabbed in the chest 7...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #16
A female is in labor on the new j...,
A truck just blew out its tire on...,
Police officer requesting assista...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #17
New york city and the entire nort...,
E911 is being flooded with calls ...,
The next door neighbor s fully gr...
15  cards
E911 Code Quiz #18
Possible child abuse,
Assault past other family,
Security holding unknown
16  cards
E911 Code Quiz #19
There is a fire in the basement o...,
Mr harvey called and stated the b...,
Mr general called stating there i...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #20
Two minutes ago on guy r brewer b...,
Someone put a refrigerator in fro...,
Mr johnson just received a threat...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #23
Five 10 year old kids were on the...,
A hysterical female states that a...,
An anonymous caller is reporting ...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #24
Two men are beating another man w...,
I hear someone screaming and yell...,
Clarence just opened up his store...
20  cards
E911 Code Quiz #25
My baby can t breathe i m in a re...,
Several subway riders are stuck o...,
Karen sees a flashing light on a ...
10  cards
E911 Code Quiz #26
When a calltaker receives 10 13 a...,
A 911 caller reporting a person t...,
Two sisters are arguing in apt 5d...
20  cards
Phonetic Alphabet
26  cards

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