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Chapter 8 &9.Fluid and Electrolytes and Acid-Base Balance 
1 the nurse is caring for a patie...,
2 a patient who has a small cell ...,
3 a patient is admitted for hypov...
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Chapter 17. Priorities for the Postoperative Patient
1 on admission of a patient to th...,
2 in the postanesthesia care unit...,
3 an experienced nurse orients a ...
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Chapter 16. Priorities for the Intraoperative Patient 
1 the nurse educator facilitates ...,
2 which statement if made by a ne...,
3 which action best describes the...
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Chapter 15. Priorities for the Preoperative Patient
1 a patient scheduled for an elec...,
2 a patient arrives at the ambula...,
3 a 38 year old female is admitte...
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Giddens-CH 7 fluid and Electrolyte
1 the nurse is admitting an older...,
2 the nurse assessed four patient...,
3 the nurse is assessing a patien...
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Giddens- CH8 Acid Base
1 the patient had diarrhea for 5 ...,
2 the patient has type b chronic ...,
3 the patient has severe hyperthy...
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Delegation and Prioritization
This is random and from quizlet. I didn't read them all yet so they may be more advanced then we've done yet. FYI
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lab values
Sodium na,
Potassium k,
Chloride cl
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TopHat in-class Week 1 - Delegation/Prioritization
Emergent urgent of non urgentwhic...,
Priority categories a 58 year old...,
Delegation rights the registered ...
13  cards
TopHat in-class Week 2 - F&E
Fluid calculationthe patient with...,
Organs and fluid lossmark all tha...,
Priority electrolyte valuethe nur...
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TopHat in-class Week 3 - Acid Base
Abg analysisthe abg result reads ...,
Acid base conditionsthe student n...,
Respiratory acidosis patientwhich...
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Exam 2
Central perfusion,
Cardiac output co
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Chapter 13: Genetics and Genomics
1 the sister of a patient diagnos...,
2 when counseling a couple in whi...,
3 a patient with a family history...
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Chapter 32: Nursing Assessment: Cardiovascular
1 after noting a pulse deficit wh...,
2 when reviewing the 12 lead elec...,
3 during a physical examination o...
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Chapter 33: Nursing Management: Hypertension
1 which action will the nurse in ...,
2 the nurse obtains the following...,
3 which action should the nurse t...
23  cards
Chapter 34: Nursing Management: Coronary Artery Disease and Acute Coronary Syndrome
1 when developing a teaching plan...,
2 which nursing intervention will...,
3 which assessment data collected...
43  cards
Chapter 35: Nursing Management: Heart
While assessing a 68 year old wit...,
2 the nurse is caring for a patie...,
3 which topic will the nurse plan...
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Chapter 36: Nursing Management: Dysrhythmias
1 to determine whether there is a...,
2 the nurse needs to quickly esti...,
3 a patient has a junctional esca...
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hapter 37: Nursing Management: Inflammatory and Structural Heart Disorders
1 the nurse obtains a health hist...,
2 during the assessment of a 25 y...,
3 the nurse identifies the nursin...
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Chapter 38: Nursing Management: Vascular Disorders
1 when discussing risk factor mod...,
2 a patient has a 6 cm thoracic a...,
3 several hours after an open sur...
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Chapter 48: Nursing Assessment: Endocrine System
1 a 22 year old patient is being ...,
2 which statement by a 50 year ol...,
3 a 30 year old patient seen in t...
22  cards
Chapter 49: Nursing Management: Diabetes Mellitus
1 which statement by a nurse to a...,
2 a 48 year old male patient scre...,
3 a 28 year old male patient with...
49  cards
Chapter 50: Nursing Management: Endocrine Problems
1 a 45 year old male patient with...,
2 a 42 year old female patient is...,
3 the nurse is planning postopera...
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Chapter 26: Nursing Assessment: Respiratory System
1 a patient with acute shortness ...,
2 the nurse prepares a patient wi...,
3 a diabetic patients arterial bl...
23  cards
Chapter 27: Nursing Management: Upper Respiratory Problems
1 the nurse teaches a patient abo...,
2 the nurse plans to teach a pati...,
3 the nurse discusses management ...
25  cards
Chapter 28: Nursing Management: Lower Respiratory Problems
1 following assessment of a patie...,
The nurse assesses the chest of a...,
3 a patient with bacterial pneumo...
51  cards
Chapter 29: Nursing Management: Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases
1 the nurse teaches a patient wit...,
2 the nurse teaches a patient how...,
3 a patient is scheduled for pulm...
44  cards
Chapter 68: Nursing Management: Respiratory Failure and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
1 to evaluate the effectiveness o...,
2 while caring for a patient who ...,
3 a patient with respiratory fail...
27  cards
Chapter 30: Nursing Assessment: Hematologic System
1 the nurse is caring for a patie...,
2 the nurse assesses a patient wh...,
3 a nurse reviews the laboratory ...
16  cards
Chapter 31: Nursing Management: Hematologic Problems
1 a 62 year old man with chronic ...,
2 which menu choice indicates tha...,
3 a patient who is receiving meth...
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Chapter 63: Care of Patients with Problems of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
1 a nurse assesses a client with ...,
2 a nurse assesses a client who i...,
3 a nurse assesses a client who i...
20  cards
Chapter 62: Care of Patients with Pituitary and Adrenal Gland
1 a nurse assesses clients for po...,
2 a nurse plans care for a client...,
3 a nurse cares for a male client...
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Med Surg Final
Hormonal Regulation Glucose Regulation (Diabetes and Hypoglycemia) Gas Exchange (Upper airway obstruction, allergic rhinitis/sinusitis, Influenza, sleep apnea) Lower Respiratory/Impaired Transportation (Anemia PE, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Asthma & COPD,) Blood Administration
101  cards

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