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Lab Vocabulary - Exam 1
Comprehensive health assessment,
Emergency health assessment
69  cards
Medical Math
34  cards
Module 2: Health History
Phases of the nursing process,
What is a health history,
Things to keep in mind about appr...
110  cards
Module 3
Difference between aspesis and st...,
Chain of infection,
3 means of transmission
87  cards
Patient Positions
Dorsal recumbent,
Fowlers position,
Genu pectoral
9  cards
Module 4
Vital signs,
Vital signs reflect,
When should vitals be taken
109  cards
Lab Vocabulary - Exam 2
Aortic valve,
Atrioventricular valves,
123  cards
Module 5 - Start of Exam 2
What to look for when doing a low...,
When looking at lower extremity o...,
Ted stockings
151  cards
Module 6
Mammary glands lie over the,
Where do the breast lie,
What determines the difference in...
207  cards
Module 7
Important structures of the gi re...,
Function of the esophagus,
Function of the stomach
284  cards
Lab Vocabulary - Exam 3
Bladder scan
71  cards
Module 9 - Exam 3 Start
Structures of the kidneys,
Purpose of the kidneys,
166  cards
Module 10
Subjective factors for the head f...,
Past medical history consideratio...,
Family health history considerati...
174  cards
Module 11 - Muscular System Portion
Red marrow is in ___ bones
168  cards
Module 11 - Neurological System Portion
The nervous system is like the __...,
3 major functioning units of the ...,
What is the spinal cord level
184  cards
Lab Vocab - Final
Assisted bath,
Complete bath,
78  cards
Module 12
Eriksons stage for infants,
Eriksons stage for toddlers,
Eriksons stage for preschoolers
127  cards
Module 13
Alarming trends for medication in...,
Are side effects and adverse drug...,
Causes of medication errors
168  cards

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