nao cpp (blue books) course 2

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Principles of Light, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Visible and Invisible Light
The two theories of light that we...,
If an object next to a light sour...,
Which theory explains how a rainb...
15  cards
Absorption, Reflection, Refraction, Angles of Incidence, Refraction, and Deviation
Define absorption,
Define angle of deviation,
Define diffuse reflection
18  cards
Light, Deviation, Index of Refraction and Snell's Law Review
The bending or redirection of a l...,
When a light ray travels from one...,
When a ray of light travels from ...
22  cards
Prism and Characteristics of Ophthalmic Lenses
When light strikes a prism the li...,
How far will two prism diopters d...,
When light passes from a medium o...
20  cards
Nominal Power, Focal Length, Saggital Depth, Thick Lens Power
Sagittal depth is the straight li...,
If the radius of a surface remain...,
If the radius of a surface is red...
9  cards
Lens Material and Design
What does an abbe value measure,
Which is a better product a lens ...,
What is the name of the instrumen...
21  cards
Ophthalmic Frame Materials and Design
Which type of temple curves aroun...,
Which frame material can be made ...,
Which frame bridge follows the br...
41  cards
Presbyopia and Multifocals
The ability of the eye to variabl...,
Which structure of the eye provid...,
How much accommodative ability do...
34  cards
The Boxing System - Basic Measurements for Eyewear
What is the name of the system me...,
What is the geometrical center di...,
True or false in the boxing syste...
15  cards

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nao cpp (blue books) course 2

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