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Renal Disease
Drugs _____ daltons can pass thro...,
Where do sglt2 inhibitors work in...,
Where does antidiuretic hormone a...
60  cards
Liver Disease
Hepatitis a b and ctransmission,
Hepatitis a b and cacute or chronic,
Hepatitis a b and cvaccine available
76  cards
What is the pink book,
Whoapproves vaccinesprovides reco...,
Federal law requires the vaccine ...
77  cards
Infectious Disease Background
Common bacterial pathogens for in...,
Common bacterial pathogens for in...,
Common bacterial pathogens for in...
177  cards
ID Bacterial
What organisms are found on the skin,
What medications should be given ...,
What is abx of choice second line...
93  cards
ID Fungal and Viral
Organisms from the candida specie...,
Aspergillus adn zygomycetes speci...,
Histoplasma capsulatum blastomyce...
84  cards
ID Opportunistic and HIV
What cd4 t lymphocyte count is co...,
Use of systemic steroids for ____...,
Lack of what organ can cause an i...
79  cards
Triglycerides _____ can cause pan...,
How to calculate non hdl cholesterol,
How to calculate ldl cholesterol ...
52  cards
Causes of primary htn,
Causes of secondary htn,
What are the acc aha categories f...
67  cards
Ischemic Heart Disease
Recommended drug classes to use f...,
What is the antiplatelet of choic...,
Treatment approach for sihd
17  cards
Acute Coronary Syndromes
Risk factors for plaque buildup t...,
Patients with an acute mi should ...,
What is the most sensitive and sp...
42  cards
Chronic Heart Failure (CHF)
Most common causes of heart failure,
What ejection fraction ef indicat...,
What ejection fraction is associa...
95  cards
What do s1 and s2 represent,
What is the rate and rhythm of th...,
What 3 things can cause an arrhyt...
73  cards
Difference between cardioembolic ...,
Common cause of cardioembolic stroke,
Different types of hemorrhagic st...
25  cards
What is an embolus,
What factors does warfarin inhibit,
What factors do rivaroxaban apixa...
78  cards
What are reticulocytes,
What is the lifespan of rbcs,
What are the 3 causes of anemia
35  cards
Sickle Cell Disease
How many days do sickle cell rbc ...,
When do symptoms of sickle cell d...,
What is vaso occlusive crisis
28  cards
Allergic Rhinitis, Cough & Cold
What is first line therapy for ch...,
What is first line therapy for mi...,
Intranasal steroid moa
57  cards
Common Conditions of the Eyes and Ears
Why can t you use ear drops in th...,
What does this abbreviation meanad,
What does this abbreviation meanas
52  cards
Common Skin Conditions
What is aloe vera used for and do...,
What is tea tree oil used for doe...,
What is lysine used for
70  cards
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Normal pulmonary arterial pressur...,
What pulmonary arterial pressure ...,
What are the 5 groups of pulmonar...
46  cards
What part of the lungs does asthm...,
How is an asthma diagnosis confirmed,
If the fev1 increases by ____ the...
78  cards
Sx of copd,
Most common cause of copd,
Emphysema definition
36  cards
Tobacco Cessation
What type of therapy is most effe...,
Are e cigarettes recommended for ...,
Non nicotine chemicals in tobacco...
24  cards
What type of diabetes is an autoi...,
What cells in the pancreas make i...,
What can be tested to determine t...
131  cards
Thyroid Disorders
What 2 thyroid hormones are produ...,
The thyroid gland is the only org...,
Which is more potent t3 or t4
43  cards
Systemic Steroids and Autoimmune Conditions
Which is safer long term use of n...,
If there is a lack of cortisol wh...,
If there is a lack of aldosterone...
83  cards
Contraception and Infertility
How long is a normal menstrual cy...,
What are the 3 phases of the mens...,
How long does an oocyte live once...
64  cards
Drug Use in Pregnancy and Lactation
What weeks of pregnancy are consi...,
What oranization publishes guidel...,
What vitamins should be supplemen...
33  cards
Osteoporosis, Menopause, and Testosterone Use
In what patient population is ost...,
What medications are used as calc...,
How much elemental calcium is in ...
35  cards
Sexual Dysfunction
Another word for erectile dysfunc...,
What medications are used to trea...,
If sexual dysfunction is due to a...
16  cards
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
Bph physiology and pathophysiology,
How is bph diagnosed,
Drugs that can worsen bph
14  cards
Urinary Incontinence
What is urinary urgency,
What is urinary frequency,
What is nocturia
21  cards
Acute and Critical Care Medicine
Which increases oncotic pressure ...,
Which are more expensive crystall...,
Hydroxyethyl bbw
77  cards
Pediatric Conditions
What age is considered neonate,
What age is considered infant,
What age is considered child
35  cards
Cystic Fibrosis
A mutation in what gene causes cy...,
What organs does cf affect,
Patients with cf have high low le...
19  cards
What 2 things are tested before a...,
Allograft vs isograft vs autograft,
How to prevent rejection of a tra...
35  cards
Weight Loss
What bmi is considered overweight...,
What drugs can cause weight gain,
Obesity guidelines
26  cards
When does nociceptive pain occur,
What analgesics should be used fo...,
Apap effects and moa
65  cards
Aura definition,
What can indicate a serious cv ce...,
What is mam and how are they treated
36  cards
True or falsegout is a type of ar...,
What is uric acid an end product,
What is normal ua level
27  cards
Oncology Overview and Side Effect Management
What cancer is low dose aspirin r...,
At what age should women begin ye...,
At what age should women be scree...
72  cards
Oncology Common Cancer Types and Treatment
What is the difference between co...,
What is neoadjuvant therapy,
What is the most common primary t...
60  cards
What neurotransmitters are believ...,
What is the most widely used depr...,
What are the dsm 5 criteria for b...
59  cards
What are common symptoms of schiz...,
What are the dsm 5 criteria for s...,
What medications and illicit drug...
30  cards
Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder characteristics,
Difference between bipolar i and ii,
Mania symptoms definition diagnosis
13  cards
What is the primary treatment for...,
First line treatment for pre scho...,
First line treatment for patients...
18  cards
Anxiety Disorder
What medications can cause anxiety,
What medications are used first l...,
What medications are used second ...
13  cards
Insomnia, Restless legs syndrome (RLS), and Narcolepsy
What are the diagnostic criteria ...,
What medications worsen insomnia,
How to treat insomnia
19  cards
Parkinson Disease
Pathophysiology of pd,
Parkinson disease symptoms,
What scale is used to measure inv...
22  cards
Alzheimer's Disease
What is mmse and what score indic...,
What medications can worsen dementia,
What supplements may have benefit...
11  cards
Tonic clonic seizures vs absence ...,
What test is used to diagnose epi...,
Drugs that lower seizure threshold
47  cards
GERD and Peptic Ulcer Disease
What drugs can worsen gerd symptoms,
When should a patients be referre...,
What are alarm symptoms for gerd
32  cards
Constipation and Diarrhea
What medical conditions can cause...,
What is chronic idiopathic consti...,
What are non drug therapies for c...
38  cards
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
What are the 2 types of ibd,
What can trigger ibd flares,
Which causes inflammation ibs or ibd
25  cards
Motion Sickness
What is the technical term for mo...,
Non drug therapies for motion sic...,
Drug therapies for motion sickness
8  cards
ID DOC, Renal adj, Special Req, Key Counseling
Doc for mssa,
Doc for ca mrsa,
Doc for severe skin and soft tiss...
28  cards
HIV Study Notes and Key Counseling Points
Atriplageneric nameclass of drugs...,
Biktarvygeneric nameclass of drug...,
Atriplaefavirenz tenofovir disopr...
66  cards
Top Prescription Drugs
Abacavir lamivudine,
Apap codeine
333  cards
Top Prescription Injectables
93  cards
Formulas and Calculations
1 tsp ___ ml,
1 oz ___ ml,
1 cup ___ oz
107  cards
Common Medical Abbreviations
72  cards
Common Medical Terms
30  cards
Basic Science Concepts
What does an inducer do,
Endogenous substrateagonist actio...,
Endogenous substrateagonist actio...
30  cards
Learning Drug Interactions
Pharmacodynamics definition,
Drugs that have similar end effec...,
Benzodiazepines and opioids risk
67  cards
Select Therapeutic drug levels
14  cards
Drug References
Cv disease,
19  cards
IV Medications
What medications have sorption or...,
What medications need to be put i...,
What medications need to be put i...
26  cards
What is continuous data,
What are types of discrete catego...,
What is nominal data
54  cards
Compounding I: Basics
What sets the standards for compo...,
What are the usp 795 797 and 800 ...,
What does the national institute ...
49  cards
Compounding II: Equipment, Stability, and Excipients
Which is more accurate when measu...,
When should you not use a graduat...,
What are hypodermic syringes used...
46  cards
Compounding III: Documentation and Preparation
0  cards
Med Safety and Quality Improvement
What 2 organizations are involved...,
Medication error definition,
Which is unavoidable adverse drug...
21  cards
Drug Allergies and Adverse Drug Reactions
Adverse drug reaction definition,
How do adr and med errors differ,
What are the 2 types of adr
24  cards
Difference between pk and pd,
Components of pk,
What happens in passive distribution
33  cards
Gene definition,
Allele definition,
Genotype definition
16  cards
Dietary Supplements, Natural, and Complementary Medicine
What is complementary medicine,
What is alternative medicine,
What does the dietary supplement ...
72  cards
Emergency Preparedness, Toxicology, and Antidotes
When are child resistant containe...,
If topical exposure to toxin what...,
If ocular exposure to toxin what ...
44  cards
Major cyp inhibitors,
Major cyp inducers,
What does the orange book contain
263  cards

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