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Chapter 1.1 Weather
Some instruments used to measure ...,
Other methods of measuring weathe...,
An anemometer is an instrument th...
55  cards
Chapter 1.2 Physical Environments - Upland Limestone
A limestone pavement is formed in...,
Potholes swallow holes are formed...,
Underground caverns occurs when
10  cards
Chapter 1.3 Physical Environments - Rivers and Valleys
A v shaped valley is fromed when a,
The first step in the formation o...,
The second step in the formation ...
26  cards
Chapter 1.4 Land Use related to River Valley
Hill sheep farming is common in r...,
Hill sheep farming is successfull...,
Forestry is found on steep slopes...
28  cards
Case Study - The Yorkshire Dales (Upland Limestone)
Why do tourists visit yorkshire d...,
Some activites in the yorkshire d...,
Conflict 1 quarrying vs tourists ...
32  cards
1.5 Variation in Development
Physical factors that affect deve...,
Physical factors that affect deve...,
Physical factors that affect deve...
28  cards
Chapter 1.6 Urban
Zone 1 is the,
Zone 2 is the,
Zone 3 is
19  cards
Chapter 1.7 Rural (Farming unit)
Diversification to make,
Quotas to prevent,
Set aside land to encourage farme...
24  cards
Chapter 1.8 Climate change
Physical reasons for climate chan...,
Physical reasons for climate chan...,
Effects of global warming are mel...
3  cards
Chapter 1.9 - Environmental Hazards
Earthqaukes occur at,
At a constructuve plate boundary ...,
At a destructive plate boundary o...
26  cards
AIDS - Worldwide disease
Causes of aids,
Social consequences of aids,
Economic consequences of aids
6  cards
Heart Disease - Developed World Country Disease
Social consequences,
Economic consequences
5  cards
Malaria - Developing World Disease
Social consequences,
Economic consequences
5  cards

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