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When do glaciers form,
What are glaciers able to do to t...,
What are the 2 processes of glaci...
35  cards
Population-Exam style questions
What can affect birth rates,
What factors affect death rates,
Describe and explain the populati...
12  cards
What is a mega city,
What is urbanisation caused by,
Name the 4 layers of the concentr...
35  cards
What is meant by an infectious di...,
What is meant by a non infectious...,
What are the typical diseases in ...
34  cards
How does latitude affect weather,
How does relief affect weather,
How does aspect affect weather
27  cards
Environmental Hazards
What happens at conservative plat...,
What happens at collision plates ...,
What happens at destructive plate...
36  cards
What human factors affect farming,
What are the different types of f...,
What physical factors affect farming
10  cards
What is abrasion,
What is attrition,
What is solution
16  cards
Glaciation - Formations
Formation of an arete,
Formation of a corrie,
Formation of a pyramidal peak
6  cards
Coastal - Formations
Formation of headlands and bays,
Formation of a cliff and wave cut...
2  cards
What is population density,
What name is given when areas hav...,
What name is given when areas hav...
85  cards
Weather past paper questions
Explain the factors which cause d...,
A look at diagram q4adescribe how...,
B study the synoptic chart and th...
3  cards
Environmental Hazards Past paper questions
Study diagram q11adescribe in det...,
Look at diagram q11bexplain in de...,
Study diagram q11adescribe in det...
4  cards
Health Past paper questions
Study diagram q14adescribe in det...,
Choose one disease from diagram q...,
Study diagram q14adescribe in det...
4  cards

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