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Adlerian Therapy
The goal is for the patient to fe...,
Inferiority motivator for improve...,
Adlerians believe that the client...
8  cards
Behavior Therapy (Wolpe)
Types of behavior therapy,
Shaping praising child each time ...,
Extinction reinforcement withheld...
11  cards
Bowenian Therapy (multi-generation)
Measure frequency time and durati...,
Family projection process results...,
Bowenian therapist would not enco...
13  cards
Brief MRI Therapy (Strategic Therapy)
Jay hayley watzlawick bateson jac...,
Circular questioning to develop a...,
1st and 2nd order change solution...
17  cards
Symbolic Experiential Family Therapy (Whitaker)
Battle for structure should be wo...,
Battle for initiative should be w...,
Therapy of the absurd used to per...
18  cards
Cognitive Behavioral
Early stage defining problem form...,
Middle stage downward arrow pract...,
Late stage booster sessions revie...
5  cards
Collaborative Language Therapy
Goal of dialogue is to create opp...,
Harlene anderson and harry goolis...,
According to anderson collaborati...
3  cards
Constructivism (Piaget, George Kelly)
It is more optimistic and attends...,
Psychoanalysis cognitive behavior...,
In constructivism there is a deep...
4  cards
Contextual Model
Ivan boszormenyi nagy,
Foundational roots of forgiveness...,
Contextual family therapy is a no...
9  cards
Milton erickson father of hypnoth...,
Indirect suggestion could result ...,
Critical to put yourself in the p...
11  cards
Experiential Satir
All behavior is communication,
Dysfunctional communication style...,
Family reconstruction process in ...
9  cards
Narrative Therapy
Early stage focuses on present no...,
Deconstruction examine social con...,
Reality socially constructed and ...
4  cards
Object Relations
Early stage identify early childh...,
Interventions identify and educat...
2  cards
Future orientedfocus on internal ...,
Scaling questions to gauge improv...,
Miracle question what if problem ...
8  cards
Milan Systemic
Uses more language based interven...,
Family games interaction patterns,
Positive connotation reframe symp...
13  cards
Jay haley cloe madanes,
Directives directions for family ...,
Five stages of strategic family t...
8  cards
Structural Family Therapy (Minuchin)
Early stage reframing joiningmidd...,
Family mapping tracking aware of ...,
Diffuse boundaries unclear bounda...
14  cards
Delusional disorder somatic type ...,
Schizoaffective disorder psychoti...,
Delusional disorder non bizarre d...
13  cards
Circumplex Model
Family cohesion one dimension of ...,
Flexibility another dimension of ...,
Communication the third dimension...
4  cards
Dyadic adjustment scaleanswer a r...,
Mental status examseeing or heari...,
Marital adjustment scale mas 15 i...
14  cards
Integrative family therapy blend ...,
Strategic and structural concerne...,
Structural family therapy does no...
3  cards

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