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Radar plotting
Target true speed,
How to get cpa,
Formula for w o
21  cards
Chart work
What are the leeway rules,
How do you get minutes to degrees...,
How to plot tide experienced
7  cards
Interpolation & Extrapolation
Formula for interpolation extrapo...
1  cards
Rule 1,
Rule 2,
Rule 3
20  cards
Vertical sextant angle
Formula for vsa
1  cards
Whats is multi path error,
What is the echo range principle
17  cards
What are 6 imo requirements for arpa,
What are some arpa alarms,
4  cards
Echo Sounder
What is the echo ranging formula,
Speed of sound in salt water,
Speed of sound in fresh water
14  cards
How would you describe fl 2 10s72...,
Dipping distance formula
2  cards
What is dgps could also be asked ...,
Explain and describe what is mean...,
Explain hdop
27  cards
Magnetism & Compass
Examples of permanent magnetism,
Examples of induced iron,
What is variation
22  cards
Formula for springs,
What are the three rules,
What are the main factors we have...
5  cards
Speed logs
What is the doppler effect,
Whats the difference between dopp...,
Explain the janus configuration w...
21  cards
Relative / True motion
Inputs heading speed 1 relative m...,
Assessment of cpa tcpa1 relative ...,
Assessment of target course speed...
8  cards
Passage Planning
What is apem,
What should be on a passage plan,
Which publications are good to us...
6  cards
What is an ais,
Who is required to have an ais cl...
16  cards
Hours of rest what are the requir...,
What do we do in a change of watc...,
When shall you as an oow not hand...
6  cards
Notices to mariners
What are the three ntm,
What is the difference between an...
4  cards
Chart corrections
How would you do an ecdis chart c...,
How would you do a nautical chart...
2  cards
How does loran work,
What errors are there to loran 4 ...,
Advantages of loran
9  cards
Purpose of ecdis 3 factors,
Difference between ecdis ecs,
What do you need to have an appro...
21  cards

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