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Passage Planning
What is passage planning,
What are the stages of passage pl...,
What consideration should be take...
11  cards
What is the definition of vessel,
What is the definition of a power...,
What is the definition of a saili...
62  cards
Flag signals
What does alfa mean,
What does bravo mean,
What does charlie mean
26  cards
What is the imdg code,
What are the volumes of the imdg ...,
What are the classes of imdg
3  cards
What is the hydrometer,
How does the hydrometer work,
What is the purpose of the hydrom...
3  cards
What is an msn,
What is an mgn,
What is an min
3  cards
What is a stable condition of sta...,
What is a neutral condition of st...,
What is an unstable condition of ...
4  cards
Name some sources of meteorologic...,
What weather would you expect wit...,
What weather would you expect wit...
17  cards
Radar & ARPA
What does radar stand for,
What does arpa stand for,
What is the radar used for
22  cards
Moorning ropes and equipment
Should the maintenance of mooring...,
What maintenance should be done o...,
What maintenance should be done o...
11  cards
ISM Code
What is the ism code,
What are the objectives of the is...,
What is the safety management sys...
12  cards
Rule 19 - Restricted Visibility
What is rule 19,
When does rule 19 apply,
Can you still use manoeuvring sig...
7  cards
Risk Assessments
What is a risk assessment,
What is a hazard,
What is a risk
6  cards
The Sextant
What is a sextant,
What can the sextant be used for,
What are the fixable errors
4  cards
Pilot Ladder
What is a pilot ladder used for,
How long can a pilot ladder be,
What happens if you reach the 9m ...
7  cards
Bridge Procedure Guide
What is the bride procedure guide,
What are the chapters of the bpg
2  cards
Notices to Mariners
What are weekly notices to mariners,
What is the cumulative list of no...,
You are joining a new vessel how ...
4  cards
What is gmdss,
What is gmdss used for,
Who is required to carry gmdss eq...
19  cards
Port / Flag State control
What is flag state control,
What are the duties a flag state,
What is the relationship between ...
5  cards
What is isps,
What certificates are require in ...,
What is the objective of isps
5  cards
Name some sources met information,
Why do officers take weather obse...,
What weather elements should the ...
20  cards
What does ecdis stand for,
Whats the difference between vect...,
Can the ecdis be integrated with ...
4  cards
Radar Plotting
What is a radar plot,
How many plots do you need for a ...,
How do you get the cpa of a target
10  cards
Emergency Procedures
What are your actions in the even...,
What are your actions in the even...,
What are your actions in the even...
11  cards
Means of access
What is meant by a means of access,
What are the requirements for mea...,
What are the gangway requirements
5  cards
Life Saving Appliances
What is the use of a epirb,
What is the use of a sart,
What markings would you see on a ...
20  cards
What is marpol,
What are the annexes in marpol,
What is a marpol special area
10  cards
Enclosed Space entry
What is an enclosed space,
Give an example of a enclosed space,
What is the procedure for an encl...
5  cards
Watertight Integrity
What is watertight integrity,
When should watertight doors be shut,
What types of watertight doors ar...
4  cards
What types of loadlines are there,
What is the plimsoll mark,
What is tf on a plimsoll
9  cards
Handing over watches
What information would handover t...,
What information would handover t...,
How would you prepare the vessel ...
6  cards
What is the admiralty list of rad...,
What are the 6 volumes of alrs,
What is a routeing chart
9  cards
Other Code - Cargo
What is the imbsc code,
What is the igc code,
What is the inf code
7  cards
What is solas,
Who does solas apply to,
What are the chapters of solas
3  cards
What is coswop,
What are some chapters of coswop,
What does each chapter detail
3  cards
The Maritime Labour Convention 2006
What is the maritime labour conve...,
What are the key parts to mlc,
What is the hours of rest require...
3  cards
Magnetic and Gyro compasses
What is a magnetic compass,
What is variation,
What is deviation
15  cards
What is stcw,
What is the manila amendments in ...
2  cards
FFE - Fire procedures
Where are some potential areas of...,
What monthly inspections are ther...,
What quarterly inspections are th...
12  cards
Ship Handling
What is the wheel house poster,
Tell me about a right handed prop...,
Explain the turning short round m...
9  cards
Sound signals
What does 1 short blast indicate,
What does 2 short blasts indicate,
What does 3 short blasts indicate
18  cards
Day Shapes
What does 1 black ball indicate,
What does 2 black balls indicate,
What does 3 black balls indicate
8  cards
My previous ship
Can you tell me about your last ship,
What other ships have you been on
2  cards
Annexes of COLREGS
What is annex 1 of colregs,
What is annex 2 of colregs,
What is annex 3 of colregs
3  cards
Visibility of lights
What are the visibility of lights...,
What are the visibility of lights...,
What are the visibility of lights...
4  cards

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