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Rooting reflex,
Traction reflex,
Moro reflex
22  cards
0 zero,
10  cards
Chapter 5: Grasp, release, manipulation
Reaching newborn,
Reaching 4 months,
Reaching 6 months
28  cards
Chapter 5: Cog & Play Development
Early object use 3 6 months,
Early object use 6 9 months,
Early object use 8 9 months
26  cards
Chapter 4: Ethics & Research Terms
Program evaluation qi,
Program evaluation tqm,
Program evaluation pai
68  cards
Chapter 3: Research Terms
Characteristics of a standardized...,
Normative data,
21  cards
Chapter 7: Neurological System Disorders
Frontal lobe,
Tremor classification identification,
15  cards
Ch 5 (currently just developmental assessments)
Assessment of premature infants b...,
Neurological assessment of pre te...,
Denver developmental screening te...
30  cards
Chapter 5: Fetal Sensorimotor Development
First trimester muscle spindle,
First tri touch and tactile system,
First tri vestibular system
17  cards
Chapter 5: Development of Sensorimotor Integration
Prenatal period,
Neonatal period,
First six months
8  cards
Ch 5: Development of feeding, dressing, toiling, home mgmt
Feeding 5 7 months,
Feeding 6 8,
Feeding 6 9 months
31  cards
Chapter 5: Gross Motor Development
Begins to dislike prone position,
Supine lifts head independently b...,
Equilibrium reactions are present
30  cards
Chapter 5: Fine Motor Development
Hands come together at midline fo...,
Unilateral reaching,
No attempt to grasp but visually ...
20  cards
Chapter 6: UE Disorders and Injuries
Dupuytren s disease,
Skier s thumb gamekeeper s thumb,
Complex regional pain syndrome crps
46  cards
Chapter 6: Musculoskeletal System Disorders & Burns
Osteogenesis imperfecta,
Arthritis rheumatoid and osteoart...,
25  cards
Chapter 6 mms of the UE
Intrinsic mm innervated by median...,
Intrinsics innervated by the ulna...,
Intrisics innervated by the ulnar...
10  cards
Chapter 5: Pediatric Overall Development
0 2 months,
3 5 months,
6 8 months
8  cards
SCI & Cranial Nerves
Cn v dermatome muscles function,
30  cards
8  cards
Rancho Level of Cognitive Functioning
Level i,
Level ii,
Level iii
10  cards
Chapter 8: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary System Disorders
Cardiac rehab phase 1,
Cardiac rehab phase 2,
Cardiac community maintenance pha...
3  cards
Chapter 10: Psychiatric & Cognition
55  cards
Chapter 11: Biomechanical
Peripheral nerve injury order of ...,
Moving two point discrimination,
Static two point discrimination
16  cards
Ch 12: Motor dysfunction terms
Intention tremor,
33  cards
Ch 14 Psychosocial approaches & Theories
Cognitive disabilities model auto...,
Cognitive disabilities model post...,
Cognitive disabilities model manu...
45  cards
Chapter 13: Cognitive-Perceptual Approaches
Ideational apraxia,
Ideomotor apraxia,
15  cards
Chapter 15: Eval & Intervention for Occupational Performance
Total assist,
Max a,
Mod a
15  cards
Chapter 16: Mastery of the Environment & Work
Omnibus budget reconciliation act...,
Principles of universal design,
Minimum doorway clearance width f...
41  cards
16  cards
Pediatric Conditions
Rett s syndrome,
Gower s sign,
Warning signs that too much vesti...
6  cards

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