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Unit 1 - Basic Real Estate Concepts
The land plus permanent improveme...,
Items that do not fit into the de...,
The earths surface extending down...
27  cards
Unit 2 - Property Ownership and Interests
Bundle of legal rights,
To sell will transfer or otherwis...,
Uninterrupted use of the property...
71  cards
Unit 3 - Encumbrances on Real Property
Any charge claim lien or liabilit...,
A right given by law to certain c...,
A statutory lien against real pro...
31  cards
Unit 4 - Property Description
A description of a specific parce...,
In a metes and bounds legal descr...,
1 mile x 1 mile square 640 acres
19  cards
Unit 5 - Transfer of Title to Real Property
1 the right to or ownership of la...,
The act of transferring property ...,
A written instrument that when ex...
37  cards
Unit 6 - Land-Use Controls
The governments right to impose l...,
Planning zoning subdivision regul...,
A comprehensive plan to guide the...
29  cards
Unit 7 - Real Estate Brokerage and the Law of Agency
A real estate transaction involvi...,
A latin phrase meaning let the bu...,
The basic framework of law that g...
48  cards
Unit 8 - Agency Contracts
An employment contract between a ...,
A document evidencing formal empl...,
A national registry managed by th...
35  cards
Unit 9 - Basic Contract Law
A legally enforceable promise or ...,
An oral or written contract in wh...,
A contract under which the agreem...
48  cards
Unit 10 - Sales Contracts and Practices
A form often used by realtor lice...,
North carolina version of the fed...,
A rule of law stating that once w...
14  cards
Unit 11 - Landlord and Tenant
A written or an oral contract bet...,
The landlord,
The tenant
31  cards
Unit 12 - Property Management
Broker who for compensation prese...,
Periodic and necessary expenses e...,
An agency contract between the ow...
18  cards
Unit 13 - Property Insurance Basics
An area where a flood has a 1 cha...,
The location of the lowest floor ...,
An insurance policy covering buil...
19  cards
Unit 14 - Real Estate Financing : Principles
The clause in a mortgage or deed ...,
A loan characterized by a fluctua...,
This clause prevents the borrower...
41  cards
Unit 15 - Real Estate Financing Practices
The relationship of the total fin...,
A mortgage covering more than one...,
A short term loan to cover period...
37  cards
Unit 16 - Basic Construction
A board around the bottom of a wa...,
Story high space below the first ...,
A measure of heat used in rating ...
35  cards
Unit 17 - Real Property Valuation
A method of depreciation computed...,
An estimate of the quantity quali...,
A transaction where theparties ar...
29  cards
Unit 18 - Federal Income Taxation of Real Property Ownership
The financial interest that the i...,
A calculation performed to determ...,
Money or property given to make u...
13  cards
Unit 19 - Fair Housing and Ethical Practices
A federal act that prohibits raci...,
The federal law that prohibits di...,
Any group of people designated as...
14  cards
Unit 20 - Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction
A fire resistant mineral fiber us...,
A colorless odorless gas produced...,
Established a fund of 9 billion t...
21  cards
Unit 21 - Closing the Real Estate Transaction
On a closing statement an amount ...,
On a closing statement an amount ...,
Shared expenses either prepaid or...
27  cards

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