nc real estate principles & practices

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Questions - Chapter 1
All of the following are separabl...,
The characteristic of land that c...,
The nonhomogeneity of land a is t...
40  cards
Questions - Chapter 2
Personal property attached to rea...,
Which of the following is a right...,
Which of the following is are cor...
71  cards
Questions - Chapter 3
The tax levy against real propert...,
Real property taxation in north c...,
How often may the north carolina ...
22  cards
Questions - Chapter 4
All of the following are methods ...,
Voluntary alienation during life ...,
Essential elements of a valid dee...
52  cards
Questions - Chapter 5
The instrument used for recording...,
Deed restrictions that run with t...,
All of the following statements a...
39  cards
Questions - Chapter 6
The type of asbestos that can bec...,
The maximum safe level of asbesto...,
The predominant health risk of as...
28  cards
Questions - Chapter 7
A real estate listing agent advis...,
Misrepresentation occurs when a t...,
A broker is not held liable for m...
56  cards
Questions - Chapter 8
The clause in a listing contract ...,
Exclusive right to represent buye...,
Which of the following clauses is...
40  cards
Questions - Chapter 9
A contract in which mutual promis...,
Of the following statements regar...,
For contracts in general except f...
28  cards
Questions - Chapter 10
An agent proposes a preprinted sa...,
According to the ncar ncba standa...,
The buyer has contracted for the ...
30  cards
Questions - Chapter 11
All of the following statements a...,
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following is not a r...
85  cards
Questions - Chapter 12
The cost of recording the deed wo...,
The amount of the earnest money d...,
If property were listed for sale ...
45  cards
Questions - Chapter 13
The basis of market value is most...,
All of the following characterist...,
Value is most closely related to ...
48  cards
Questions - Chapter 14
A homeowners insurance policy inc...,
The type of homeowners insurance ...,
The clause within a homeowners in...
19  cards
Questions - Chapter 15
In the creation of a nonfreehold ...,
If the landlord fails to perform ...,
All of the following are duties o...
39  cards
Questions - Chapter 16
All of the following statements a...,
The property management agreement...,
A budget based on forecast income...
25  cards
Questions - Chapter 17
Sam seller refused to accept an o...,
Which of the following is not a b...,
Larry landlord refused to rent on...
30  cards
Questions - Chapter 18
Which of the following is a tax d...,
Discount points paid by a borrowe...,
With regard to a real estate comm...
18  cards
Questions - Chapter 19
The most common type of residenti...,
The most expensive style of home ...,
The supporting wall system member...
35  cards
Questions - Chapter 20
The term leverage refers to a the...,
The term cash flow refers to the ...,
The term liquidity refers to a th...
16  cards
Questions - Appendix A
Which of the following would term...,
Which of the following statements...,
On the brokers recommendation a s...
140  cards
Questions - NC License Law
What is the first point at which ...,
An unlicensed assistant may do al...,
With regard to timeshares all of ...
150  cards
Questions - Chapter Reviews
Which type of estate cannot pass ...,
Which of the following liens is a...,
Which of the following statements...
190  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 1
Bill of sale,
19  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 2
Air rights,
67  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 3
Ad valorem,
Assessed value
8  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 4
Adverse possession,
48  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 5
Building codes,
Certificate of occupancy
27  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 6
Comprehensive environmental respo...,
8  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 7
Apparent authority,
Breach of duty
31  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 8
Do not call registry,
Exclusive agency,
Exclusive buyer agency contract
16  cards
Key Terms -Chapter 9
Accord and satisfaction,
Bilateral contract
29  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 10
Contract for deed,
Due diligence fee,
Effective date
14  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 11
Acceleration clause,
Adjustable rate mortgage arm,
Alienation clause
60  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 12
Closing disclosure cd,
12  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 13
Broker price opinion bpo
45  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 14
Co insurance clause,
10  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 15
Breach of condition,
Constructive eviction,
Estate at suffrance
25  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 16
Management plan,
Management proposal,
Operating budget
8  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 17
Americans with disabilities act,
13  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 18
Acquisition debt,
Adjusted basis,
Amount realized
12  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 19
Cape cod,
Certificate of occupancy,
Concrete slab
33  cards
Key Terms - Chapter 20
Cash flow,
5  cards

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