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Orientation: key historical events in counseling
Late 1800s,
Early 1900s,
43  cards
orientation: key ethical issues and certification
Two key ethical codes of counseling
37  cards
orientation: counseling specializations and other mental health practitioners
Certified rehabilitation counselo...,
7 types of mental health practiti...
11  cards
orientation: professional associations
Professional associations,
27  cards
orientation: ethics and legal issues
Aspirational ethics,
Aca ethical principles,
20  cards
culture: key historical events
13  cards
culture: basic concepts
Multicultural counseling,
Cultural identity
33  cards
culture: key cultural group categories
Seven key cultural group categories,
Color blindness
65  cards
culture: social justice and cultural identity development
Social justice,
Four main foci of social justice,
38  cards
culture: counseling various cultural groups
Six major racial groups in us,
One drop rule,
Jim crow laws
26  cards
development: Foundational Issues in Human Growth and Development
10 stages of human development,
Three types of aging,
Biological ageing
19  cards
development: The Central Nervous System
The central nervous system,
Peripheral nervous system,
22  cards
development: learning theories
Classical conditioning,
Ivan pavlov,
60  cards
development: language
Three theories of language develo...,
11 important concepts in language...,
Three areas of the brain importan...
27  cards
development: theories of personality and moral development
5 theories of personality develop...,
Sigmund freud,
Psychosexual theory
33  cards
development: Lifespan Theories of Development
Arnold gesell,
Robert havighurst s,
Roger gould
9  cards
career: history and important people
Career development,
Industrial revolution,
13  cards
career: key concepts
Three role related issues,
Five types of values,
Career intereststhree types of ca...
17  cards
career: Trait and Type Career Theories
Trait and type career theories,
Trait and factor theory,
6 key concepts of lifespan life s...
21  cards
career: Career Decision-Making Theories
Career decision making theories,
Theory of career decision making,
Janis and mann s conflict model o...
18  cards
career: Career Assessment
Career assessment,
Interest inventories,
Personality inventories
5  cards
career: occupational knowledge and counseling interventions
Three common labor market terms,
Labor market,
14  cards
skills: basic counseling concepts and skills
Therapeutic alliance,
20  cards
theory: psychoanalysis and neo-Freudian theories
Four categories of psychodynamic ...,
Four key concepts of psychoanalysis
17  cards
theory: individual psychology
Individual psychology,
Alfred adler,
Four key adlerian concepts
17  cards
theory: jungian analytical psychology
Jungian analytical psychology,
Carl gustav jung,
12  cards
theory: Cognitive-Behavioral Theories
Five cognitive behavioral theories,
Cognitive behavior modification
29  cards
theory: humanistic theories
Three humanistic counseling appro...,
Existential counseling,
Client centered counseling
20  cards
theory: narrative and solution-focused therapy
Two postmodern theories,
Social constructionism,
Strengths based perspective
23  cards
theory: basic family therapy terms
Psychodynamic model,
General systems theory,
Circular causality
7  cards
theory: bowen family systems therapy
Bowen family systems therapy,
Ten important concepts in bowen s...,
Family of origin
16  cards
theory: experiential family therapy
Experiential family counseling,
Symbolic experiential family therapy,
Carl whitaker
7  cards
theory: strategic family therapy
Strategic family therapy,
Milton erickson,
Jay haley
11  cards
Theory: Milan Systemic Family Counseling
Milan systemic family counseling,
Positive connotations,
8  cards
Theory : Structural Family Counseling
Structural family counseling,
Salvador minuchin,
Six key concepts of structural fa...
14  cards
Theory: Other important Counseling Theories and Interventions
Nine other important counseling t...,
Integrated counseling approach,
Frederick thorne
22  cards
Skills: abuse, crisis counseling, mediation, and wellness
Child abuse,
Physical abuse
41  cards
group work: key concepts, people, and organizations
J l moreno,
S r slavson,
Alcoholics anonymous
14  cards
group work: leadership
Three group leadership tasks,
3 group leader styles,
22 group leader techniques
21  cards
group work: group member roles
Group member roles,
Role differentiation,
Role conflict
18  cards
group work: group types and dynamics
Planned theme group,
Spontaneous content groups,
Homogeneous group
18  cards
assessment: historical figures
Jean esquirol 1772 1840,
Edouard seguin 1812 1880,
Sir francis galton 1822 1911
18  cards
assessment: terminology and ethical issues
10 types of assessments,
Army alpha
21  cards
assessment: principles of test construction
Six types of reliability,
Face validity
25  cards
assessment: scoring terminology
Raw score,
Derived scores,
Normal distribution
18  cards
assessment: ability assessment
Achievement tests,
Survey batteries,
Common tests of cognitive ability
9  cards
assessment: clinical assessment and special issues
Clinical assessment,
Personality tests,
Objective personality tests
24  cards
assessment: DSM-V
20 dsm 5 disorder categories,
Four common other disorder catego...,
Six neurodevelopmental disorders ...
25  cards
research: basic concepts and ethics
Post positivism,
35  cards
research: quantitative research design
Quantitative research,
Mixed methods research,
Two types of mixed methods research
20  cards
research: statistics
Frequency distribution,
Frequency polygon,
28  cards
research: qualitative research designs
Seven types of qualitative resear...,
Qualitative research design,
Purposive sampling
12  cards
research: program evaluation
Four components of program evalua...,
12  cards

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