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Universal Design
Inclusivity in design is characte...,
What is required in an accessible...,
What is bariatric
11  cards
Material and Technical Specifications
What is ca tb 116 nfpa 261 test,
What is the cal tb 117 nfpa 260 s...,
What are some common cushioning m...
15  cards
Midpoint IDFX Practice Test
What is a useful technique for de...,
What special type of adjacency di...,
What process drawings would a des...
108  cards
Midpoint IDFX Practice Test Part 2
When audible and visual a v life ...,
Upper shelves located above an ac...,
There are a number of considerati...
102  cards
What does a case study focus on,
What principles should an analyst...,
Predictive analytics
15  cards
Reference Standards & Guidelines
What standard provides informatio...,
What test is used in nfpa 253 ast...,
What s the standard for evaluatin...
23  cards
Sensory Considerations
When designing egress and other a...,
What are the primary environmenta...,
What are the first issues regardi...
12  cards
Life Safety Elements
What the minimum width of a publi...,
What is egress,
What is the part of the egress sy...
61  cards
Professional Development
Price discrimination covers what ...,
According to generally accepted i...
2  cards
Business Structure
What is a business started owned ...,
What is fiduciary responsibility,
What are the 3 main types of part...
35  cards
What is considered an animal fiber,
What is considered a plant fiber,
What is considered a mineral fiber
28  cards
Contract Documents
Where should air supply diffusers...,
Where should return air grilles b...,
What is a diffuser
26  cards
Qpractice Final Practice Test
Of 100 possible points how many a...,
Which sustainability standard spe...,
What standard is used to measure ...
26  cards
Textbook Practice Exam
What are 4 critical planning conc...,
What existing building element ha...,
58  cards
Baseline IDPX Exam
If during construction an interio...,
Interior designer is not responsi...,
What is a restrictive covenant
168  cards
Building Systems
Varies the quantity of air one du...,
4 parts of cooling systems,
A one zone system a separate supp...
27  cards
Fire Protection & Low Voltage Monitoring Systems
What activates the sprinkler heads,
Portable fire extinguishers are l...,
Fire protection includes both
28  cards
Two types of prescriptive specifi...,
3 types of performance specificat...,
Masterformat division 00
29  cards

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