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Ch 16 Finishes
What are the 4 basic types of woo...,
Grading rules are set by,
What two wood floorings qualify a...
53  cards
CH 17 Woodwork
What are the 3 grades of millwork,
What is difference between sift w...,
What 2 forms is timber manufactur...
21  cards
CH 18 Cost Estimating and Budgeting
When should you set the budget wh...,
What are the cost influences of a...,
Why must you add contingencies to...
17  cards
CH 27 Owner Designer Agreements
What is a contract,
What are the two fundamental elem...,
What provisions should be include...
14  cards
CH 28 Project Managment
What parts of the job does a proj...,
List some tasks a project manager...,
What types of tasks would a proje...
21  cards
What is pre design,
What is included in pre design,
According to ncidq who does pre d...
15  cards
Chapter 30: Bidding and Negotiation of Contracts
Request for proposal,
What is the first step in the con...,
What is a negotiated contract
43  cards
Chapter 31: Contract Admin
What are some examples of contrac...,
Who reviews the shop drawings,
What is the designer looking for ...
41  cards
Chapter 32: Construction and FF&E Contracts
When does the vendor switch respo...,
Who is responsible for delivery a...
40  cards
PX- Chapter 33: Business Practices
Name the ways a design firm can b...,
What is a sole proprietorship and...,
Which is the simplest kind of bus...
56  cards
PX- Chapter 7: Building Regulation and codes
What is the most notable national...,
When would local building regulat...,
What is a model code in reference...
71  cards
PX- Chapter 8: Means of Egress
Define means of egress,
List do not describe yet the part...,
What is a exit access
51  cards
PX- Chapter 9: Barrier-Free Design
What does the ada federal law state,
Why do you have to comply with ad...,
What is an accessible route
46  cards
Test One
Return air grilles are shown on d...,
Site analysis includes,
25  cards
As built plans,
Sequential flow,
141  cards
Ashrae 62 2001,
Ashrae 621 2013,
Astm e119
53  cards
Test two
Numbering sheets,
What itmes belong in division 03,
What items belong in division 04
46  cards
Test three
Primary circulation space includes,
Secondary circulation,
In what year did epa banned spray...
41  cards

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