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Isotonic, Hypotonic & Hypertonic Solutions
Water follows ______________,
Cell loves having everything equa...,
Iso means tonic means
16  cards
Lab Values
True or false the bloodwork tells...,
Normal rbc count,
Wbc normal count
50  cards
Most of the body s potassium is f...,
Potassium is responsible for ____...,
The body cared too much about pot...
10  cards
Potassium levels less than ______...,
Causes of hypokalemia body is try...,
Anytime you are having diarrhea y...
9  cards
Potassium Sparing Diuretics
Nurse mnemonic for pharmacology,
Potassium sparing diuretics work ...,
One side effect of potassium spar...
15  cards
Thiazide Diuretics
What part of the nephron do thiaz...,
The distal convoluted tubule only...,
Are thiazide diuretics as strong ...
16  cards
Lung Auscultation & Assesment
How many lobes does the right lun...,
How many lobes does the left lung...,
What are we listening for when we...
24  cards
Loop Diuretics
Where do loop diuretics work,
With diuretics what is the goal,
______________ are the most power...
24  cards
Respiratory Anatomy & Physiology
This is the place where the prima...,
This pleura surrounds the lung,
The ____________ layer attaches t...
18  cards
What is ards,
Is the onset of ards slow or fast...,
Any event that leads to major sys...
23  cards
A chronic lung disease that cause...,
Is there a cure for asthma,
What surrounds the bronchi and br...
40  cards
A contagious bacterial infection ...,
Tuberculosis mainly affects the _...,
Mycobacterium tuberculosis what d...
35  cards
Cystic Fibrosis
A genetic disorder that causes th...,
Quick facts about cystic fibrosis,
How is cystic fibrosis diagnosed
27  cards
Pulmonary disease that causes chr...,
Key points for copd,
Copd is a term used as a ______ f...
30  cards
Chronic Bronchitis vs Emphysema
How is chronic bronchitis and emp...,
Chronic bronchitis patho,
In chronic bronchitis there will ...
6  cards
Cerebrovascular Accidents
Identifying characteristic signs ...,
True or false headache is consist...,
Bowel and bladder function can be...
7  cards
A lower respiratory tract infecti...,
Who are the key players in pneumonia,
What do the alveolar sacs have su...
25  cards
The collapsing of a lung due to a...,
___________ tubes pneumothorax go...,
Key points to remember about pneu...
27  cards
Musculoskeletal & Neurovascular
What are the 5 ps indicative of n...,
What is an early hallmark sign of...,
Symptoms of infection include
5  cards
What is hematology,
A basic knowledge of hematology i...,
_____________ play a role in alle...
68  cards
Blood Types
If a patient does not receive blo...,
Everyone has a unique ________ __...,
How many blood types are there
17  cards
Heparin vs Warfarin
This med enhances the activity of...,
This med is part of the family of...,
This med belongs to the family of...
37  cards
What is hemophilia,
In hemophilia it is important to ...,
What are the most common types of...
7  cards
What is thalassemia major,
The incidence of thalassemia majo...,
What is the goal of thalassemia m...
6  cards
Anticoagulent, Antiplatelet and Thombolytic drugs
1  cards
von Willebrand's disease
What is von willebrands disease,
Von willebrands disease causes __...,
What is von willebrands disease c...
3  cards
The physiological process by whic...,
Hemostasis occurs in two stages,
Platelet aggregation is initiated...
23  cards
Deep Vein Thrombosis
What is dvt,
What veins are most susceptible t...,
Dvts tend to occur in the lower e...
35  cards
Sickle Cell Anemia
Normal type of hemoglobin,
Abnormal type of hemoglobin in si...,
This is where a person has abnorm...
34  cards
Iron Deficiency Anemia
What is the definition of iron de...,
What is the most common type of a...,
The body uses iron to make ______
24  cards
Pernicious Anemia
What is pernicious anemia,
Why does your body need vitamin b12,
A protein called __________ plays...
18  cards
A deficiency in the number of rbc...,
Because rbcs transport o2 erythro...,
How is anemia diagnosed
18  cards
Coronary Artery Disease
What is cad,
This condition creates fatty plaq...,
What is the danger with atheroscl...
38  cards
Blood Transfusion Administration
Packed red blood cells have been ...,
The nurse has received a prescrip...,
A client receiving a transfusion ...
20  cards
Myocardial Infarction
What happens in mi,
In a mi the heart s myocardial ti...,
Blockages in the ________________...
36  cards
Heart Failure
Patients who have heart failure h...,
Main problem with heart failure,
Definition of heart failure
50  cards
Drugs for Angina Pectoris
Principal classes of drugs used f...,
Anginal pain occurs when cardiac ...,
Cardiac oxygen demand is determin...
20  cards
Drugs for Heart Failure
What are the major drug groups us...,
Although diuretics can reduce sym...
2  cards
Antidysrhythmic Medications
The antidysrhythmic drugs fall in...,
Class i antidysrhythmic drugs are,
Effect of sodium channel blockers
3  cards
Chest Tubes
A chest tube goes by many differe...,
The lung contains two tissue laye...,
The chest tube helps the patient ...
42  cards
The study of the movement of bloo...,
Two major divisions of the circul...,
Arteries transport blood under __...
41  cards
Drugs acting on the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System
What does the raas help regulate,
Raas acts through production of _...
25  cards
Calcium Channel Blockers
Calcium channels are gated pores ...,
In blood vessels calcium entry ca...,
In the heart calcium entry ______...
13  cards
Some vasodilators are selective f...,
Drugs that dilate arterioles can ...,
Drugs that dilate veins reduce ca...
13  cards
Mechanical Ventilation
The longer a patient stays on mec...,
The volume of air that the client...,
Room air is ____________ oxygen
26  cards
Respiratory Mix
The nurse is assessing the functi...,
The nurse is assisting a health c...,
The nurse caring for a client wit...
239  cards
Respiratory Medications
Increased fluid helps to liquefy ...,
Guaifenesin mucinex,
The nurse is preparing to adminis...
127  cards
Neurological Disorders
The nurse is assessing the motor ...,
The nurse is caring for the clien...,
A client recovering from a head i...
277  cards
Neurogenic Shock
This type of shock leads to the i...,
This type of shock leads to the i...,
What kind of shock is neurogenic ...
22  cards
Question Trainer 1 Remediation
True or false the type of stroke ...,
The type of stroke needs to be de...,
How is the type of stroke usually...
173  cards
QB# 1
Growth spurt in females and males...,
_________ teeth will appear in th...,
Male changes during adolescence
133  cards
QB 2
Proparacaine hcl,
Clients who are 50 years of age o...,
The term used for a group of dise...
137  cards
QB 3
Arteriosclerotic heart disease as...,
Low sodium is defined as,
When caring for a client with a c...
143  cards
QB 4
What should the diet with heart f...,
The us department of agriculture ...,
What is hypoxia and what are
106  cards
QB 5
What is the scope of nursing prac...,
How is calcium regulated in the body,
Carpal spasms that occur after in...
99  cards
QB 6
What is augmentation of labor,
What to remember about fetal dece...,
Nurse empowerment
84  cards
QB 7
What to remember about heparing s...,
What to remember about,
What to remember about hemophilia...
95  cards
QB 8
What to remember about guillane b...,
True or false,
Insulin does not have to be refri...
64  cards
QB 9
Obtaining informed consent is the...,
Mentally ill clients do retain th...,
What does an emancipated minor me...
72  cards
QB 10
Critically low levels of sodium r...,
Hyponatremia defined as a sodium ...,
103  cards
QB 11
A condition of shortening and har...,
Bands of fibrous tissue that can ...,
Urinary catheterization and preve...
48  cards
QB 12
What kind of foods should the pat...,
What to remember about gerd,
The nurse reviews dietary guideli...
36  cards
QB 13
Clients who are experiencing mult...,
What to do when providing care fo...,
The nurse reviews prescriptions f...
18  cards
QB 14
________________________ is a rap...,
External and internal causes of,
An intravenous site that is painf...
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