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3ID History
Who is the most notable medal of ...,
How many campaign streamers does ...,
How many unit citations awards do...
13  cards
Chain Of Command
Who is the secretary of defense,
Who is the secretary of the army,
Who is the chief of staff
6  cards
NCO Support Channel
Who is the forscom csm,
Who is 3 cab csm,
Who is 2 3 csm
5  cards
CoC And NCO Support Channel
What is sergeants business,
What is a sergeant,
Explain the chain of command
15  cards
NCO Creed & soldiers creed
Second paragraph of nco creed,
Third paragraph if the nco creed,
Recite the soldiers creed
4  cards
The Army (ADP 1)
What adp cover the army,
What is the army profession,
What is an army professional
21  cards
What is the purpose of sharp,
What is the army s campaign to co...,
What is the vision of the i am st...
29  cards
What ar covers mwr boss,
Who is the senior enlisted advise...,
According to ar 215 1 what does t...
17  cards
What ar covers sponorship,
What are the elements of the spon...,
Who is required to participate ta...
11  cards
Unified Land Operations
What adp covers unified land opra...,
What is a military action consist...,
What is a battle or engagement em...
13  cards
Training units and developing leaders
What adp covers training units an...,
Who is responsible for training u...,
Where does training begin
20  cards
What da pam covers pmcs
1  cards
What ar covers afap,
What does afap stand for,
The afap program creates an infor...
8  cards
Military justice
What ar covers military justice,
Does a person have to accept an a...,
What kind of extra duty is an nco...
20  cards
Weight control
What ar covers weight control,
What is meant by the term overweight,
What are the primary objectives o...
21  cards
First Aid
What fm covers first aid,
What is self aid,
Name some items that you might us...
32  cards
0  cards
Drill and ceremonies
What tc covers drill and ceremonies,
What are the three marching steps...,
What are two prescribed formation...
32  cards
Equal Opportunity
What does eo stand for,
What ar covers eo,
What is an eor
16  cards
What regulation covers asap,
What does asap stand for,
What is the mission of asap
13  cards
What does acs stand for,
What ar covers acs,
What does the acs symbol represent
7  cards
Army Leadership
What adp covers army leadership,
What is the purpose of army leade...,
What is leadership
24  cards
Code of Conduct
When was the code of conduct esta...,
What army regulation covers the c...,
If you were to become a prisoner ...
14  cards
Customs and courtesies (American Flag)
What ar cover salutes honors and ...,
Salutes are not required to be re...,
When do you salute inside a building
34  cards
What are the 5 levels of mopp,
How many levels of mopp are there,
What does jslist stand for
18  cards
Military awards
What is the purpose of the da mil...,
What is the highest peacetime awa...,
What is an award
25  cards

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