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Cvid diagnosis,
Complement deficiency clinical fe...,
Management of refractory asthma
49  cards
Normal ra pressure,
Normal rv pressure,
Normal pa pressure
174  cards
Cardiology 2
Cardiac monitoring of patient on ...,
Rf s for cardiotoxicity with herc...,
Management of patient on hercepti...
111  cards
Cardiology 3
Stress test of choice for patient...,
Stress test of choice for patient...,
Contraindications to pharmacologi...
107  cards
Diagnosis of bullous pemphigoid,
Pityriasis tinea versicolor prese...,
Treatment of pityriasis versicolor
148  cards
derm 2
Other term for pityriasis versico...,
Treatment of pityriasis versicolor,
Treatment of epidermal inclusion ...
81  cards
Things that make a1c unreliable,
How to test for symptomatic hypog...,
Goal a1c in diabetes
105  cards
Endo 2
Subacute thyroiditis clinical fea...,
Graves clinical features lab feat...,
Pathognomic clinical features of ...
101  cards
General internal medicine
Approach to breast cancer screeni...,
Postoperative vte prophylaxis in ...,
First line for neuropathic pain s...
149  cards
General internal medicine 2
To do before starting statin,
Physical exam suggesting epididym...,
First and second line for chronic...
100  cards
General internal medicine 3
Management of acute otitis media,
Management of acute otitis media ...,
Management of unresolved chronic ...
96  cards
General internal medicine 4
Management of statin myopathy,
Other features of hypothyroidism,
Treatment of acute gout in ckd pa...
116  cards
General internal medicine 5
Orthostatic hypotension is associ...,
Metatarsal stress fracture clinic...,
Sesamoiditis clinical features
28  cards
First step in obscure gi bleed,
Treatment of opioid induced const...,
When to initiate therapy for chro...
114  cards
GI 2
Management of aspirin following e...,
Vaccines contraindicated for immu...,
Diagnostic criteria for eosinophi...
116  cards
GI 3
Patients with achalasia are at in...,
Splenic vein thrombosis clinical ...,
Management of splenic vein thromb...
76  cards
Surveillance for cervical cancer,
Management of locally advanced an...,
Management of pt with dlbcl and r...
88  cards
hem/onc 2
Risk factors for thyroid cancer,
Us findings of thyroid nodules th...,
Physical exam features of maligna...
96  cards
Infectious disease
How to reduce surgical site infec...,
Preoperative antibiotic prophylax...,
Coccidoidomycosis clinical features
185  cards
infectious disease 2
Rocky mountain spotted fever vector,
Clinical features lab features of...,
Rocky mountain spotted fever trea...
91  cards
Infectious disease 3
Clinical features of fusariosis,
Treatment of fusariosis,
Diagnosis of anaplasmosis
89  cards
Board answer for bp management,
How to dose hctz,
When to start bicarb in ckd and why
134  cards
Nephrology 2
What is urea osmotic diuresis,
Preeclampsia clinical features,
What is eclampsia
96  cards
Nephrology 3
Presentation of pd associated per...,
Pd associated peritonitis diagnosis,
Treatment of pd associated perito...
36  cards
Myoclonic seizure clinical features,
Management of acute agitation in dlb,
Management of patient with parkin...
122  cards
Neurology 2
Atonic seizures clinical features,
Preferred study for vascular imag...,
Aed for patients with osteoporosis
99  cards
Neurology 3
Pituitary apoplexy clinical featu...,
Treatment of pituitary apoplexy,
Early symptoms of parkinsons
18  cards
Acl injury physical exam findings,
Meniscal tear mechanism of injury...,
Rotator cuff tendinopathy vs rota...
3  cards
Phenytoin toxicity,
Digoxin toxicity clinical features,
Se of thiazides
11  cards
Clozaril se s,
Second generation antipsychotic l...,
Second generation antipsychotics ...
38  cards
Utility of pulse ox reading in as...,
Preferred diagnostic test to work...,
Subsolid vs solid nodules and scr...
159  cards
Pulm 2
Step up therapy in asthma,
P to f calculation,
P to f interpretation
85  cards
Features of prosthetic joint infe...,
Imaging finding for prosthetic jo...,
Biopsy of microscopic polyangiiti...
111  cards
Rheumatology 2
Treatment of ild associated with ...,
Specific lab feature for diagnosi...,
Most common pulmonary manifestati...
99  cards
Confidence interval and statistic...,
How sensitivity and specificity r...,
Type of study odds ratios are typ...
7  cards
Specificity formula,
Sensitivity formula,
Hsv genital ulcers presentation
101  cards
Miscellaneous 2
Management of tamponade in the se...,
Second line for as,
Management of patient with endoca...
81  cards
Miscellaneous 3
Clinical features of secondary sy...,
Toxoplasma vs pml,
Management of recurrent uti
81  cards
Miscellaneous 4
Light s criteria,
Causes of exudative effusions,
Renally protective diabetes drugs
7  cards

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