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Chapter 1: Network Models
List each layer 7 to 1 of the osi...,
Define protocols,
What does a nic or network interf...
41  cards
Chapter 2: Cabling and Topology
Define physical topology,
Define logical topology,
Define hybrid topology
29  cards
Chapter 3: Ethernet Basics
Define l2 frame destination addre...,
Define l2 frame type field,
Define l2 ethernet frame data
24  cards
Chapter 4: Ethernet Standards
100base tspeeddistancenode limitc...,
Why would utp cabling and other c...,
100base fxspeeddistancenode limit...
31  cards
Chapter 5: Installing a Physical Network
What three essential things are n...,
What is horizontal cabling,
What is a run
55  cards
Chapter 6: TCP/IP Basics
Where does the tcp ip,
What layer does internet protocol...,
What layer does internet control ...
75  cards
Chapter 7: Routing
Define layer 3 capable switch,
What tells a router exactly where...,
Is there a one to one correlation...
65  cards
Chapter 8: TCP/IP Applications
What are the three steps of the t...,
What are five important protocols...,
What does domain name system dns ...
44  cards
Chapter 9: Network Naming
Define name resolution,
Define domain name system dns,
Define server message block smb
39  cards
Chapter 10: Securing TCP/IP
Define integrity,
Define nonrepudiation,
Define authentication
58  cards
Chapter 11: Switch Features
What is a managed switch,
What does in band management of a...,
What is a management port
42  cards
Chapter 12: IPv6
Define ipv6 address,
What two ipv6 addresses may not b...,
What two parts are ipv6 addresses...
42  cards
Chapter 13: WAN Connectivity
What does dense wavelength divisi...,
What is multiprotocol label switc...,
Where is an mpls multiprotocol la...
21  cards
Chapter 14: Wireless Networking
The ____ standard defines both ho...,
What is wi fi,
What is a wireless access point w...
57  cards
Chapter 15: Virtualization and Cloud Computing
In virtualization a layer of prog...,
A ____ hypervisor is installed on...,
A ____ hypervisor is installed on...
19  cards
Chapter 16: Data Centers
What are the three layers that ma...,
The ____ layer acts as the primar...,
A common implementation of access...
16  cards
Chapter 17: Integrating Network Devices
Devices using the ____ protocol f...,
Devices using the ____ protocol f...,
Connected bluetooth devices creat...
16  cards
Chapter 18: Network Operations
A ____ is a written document that...,
A an ____ defines what is and wha...,
The ____ defines who may access t...
42  cards
Chapter 19: Protecting Your Network
The three goals of security the c...,
____ is the goal of keeping unaut...,
____ requires maintaining data an...
57  cards
Chapter 20: Network Monitoring
____ is a set of standards for co...,
An snmp system which creates a ma...,
Snmp uses ____ to categorize the ...
20  cards

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