neuro - physiology 2: (phy501)

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Introduction to Clinical Neuroscience
What lobe is the most developed i...,
What is the dura and what does it...,
What is the function of the dura
19  cards
Structure of the Central Nervous System
What is rostral,
What is caudal,
Why do humans have a curve betwee...
50  cards
Neurons and Glia
What are dendrites,
What is the dimensions of a slice...,
What does a microtome slice use
43  cards
Neurotransmitter Systems I : Glutamate
What occurs at synapses,
What are the 3 criteria for being...,
How do vesicles fuse to the membrane
38  cards
Neurotransmitter Systems II : GABA & Glycine
What is the criteria for being a ...,
What are the two main methods tha...,
Describe the conversion from glut...
51  cards
Neurotransmitter Systems III : Monoamines
What are the cns systems that con...,
What are examples of monoamines,
What neurons project from the cen...
86  cards
How are neurohormones released,
What is point to point communicat...,
What are the secretory hypothalam...
66  cards
What is the central part of vision,
Where is aqueous humour produced,
What is the function of aqueous h...
53  cards
The Chemical Senses
What tastes are innately enjoyed ...,
Why is bitterness disliked,
What are the 5 tastes
40  cards
Auditory & Vestibular Systems
What are hair bundles filled with,
What do hair cells synapse onto,
What do hair cells convert
78  cards
What does an eeg measure,
What does an eeg require,
What does the amplitude of an eeg...
42  cards
Somatosensation I
What are the 5 functions of the s...,
How many pairs of spinal nerves d...,
How is the cns connected to the body
54  cards
Somatosensation II
What are the two major pathways o...,
What does the dorsal column recei...,
What does the spinothalamic tract...
43  cards
What is motivation,
What does the hypothalamus do,
What are the 3 things that the hy...
44  cards
What are the two theories of emotion,
What is the james lange theory of...,
What is the cannon bard theory of...
46  cards
Control of Movement
Why is movement difficult to repl...,
What are the basal ganglia,
What kind of a disease is parkinsons
34  cards
Learning and Memory
What is the definition of learning,
What is the definition of memory,
What is declarative memory and wh...
43  cards
What is language,
What is formal language,
What is articulation
46  cards
What is neurology,
What is psychiatry,
What is human behaviour a product of
52  cards
What is anxiety,
When is anxiety normal,
When is anxiety abnormal
45  cards
How much of the population does s...,
What gender is affected more,
What are positive symptoms in sch...
52  cards

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neuro - physiology 2: (phy501)

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