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Davis Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disorders NCLEX Questions
A 10 year old is being evaluated ...,
A 4 month old has had vomiting an...,
A 4 month old is brought to the e...
62  cards
Davis Pediatrics Neurologic NCLEX Questions
A 2 month old infant is brought t...,
A 6 month old infant was just dia...,
A 6 month old male has been diagn...
61  cards
Davis Pediatric Genitourinary Disorders Questions
A 10 kg toddler is diagnosed with...,
A 13 month old is discharged foll...,
A 5 year old is discharged from t...
62  cards
Davis Pediatric Genitourinary Disorders NCLEX Questions
A 10 kg toddler is diagnosed with...,
A 13 month old is discharged foll...,
A 5 year old is discharged from t...
62  cards
HF, pericarditis, cardiomyopathy (Cardiac SOB)
Cardiac SOB
106  cards
Murmurs/valvular disease
Valvular heart disease
46  cards
Vascular dx
113  cards
Neurodegenerative diseases
Neurodegenerative diseases
97  cards
Acute Neurology
MS, myasthenia, LEMS, MND, PD, dementia
162  cards
Acute care and conditions
Acute care and conditions
74  cards
HF, constrictive pericarditis, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis
Define cardiomyopathy,
What are the 3 layers of the heart,
Primary versus secondary cardiomy...
36  cards
Define htn,
Htn causes,
How do you correctly measure bp i...
50  cards
Chest Pain COPY
What is the breakdown of ischaemi...,
Rfs for ihd,
Stable angina presentation ix and...
51  cards
Rhythms and Management (Chapter 3)
Blockage of which coronary a can ...,
Blockage of this coronary artery ...,
Blockage of what artery leads to ...
163  cards
Acute Neuro Injuries
Where is csf found,
What is the purpose of csf,
Middle cerebral
114  cards
129  cards
Cardiac valvular diseases
How is a valvular disease defined,
What is stenosis and what impact ...,
What is regurgitation and what im...
77  cards
Cardiac - inflammation
61  cards
How does fluid move out of the gl...,
Where does fluid go when it leave...,
After leaving bowmans space where...
445  cards
What is the cardiac lesion repres...,
What is the cardiac lesion repres...,
What are the characteristics of m...
436  cards
Drugs To Know
43  cards
Drugs affecting heart rate and arrhythmias/dysrhythmias
What are the psns targets of the ...
43  cards
Drugs affecting cardiovascular system (blood pressure)
High blood pressure is,
Chronic bp 140 90mmhg is a risk f...,
33  cards
Drugs affecting neurotransmitters
Which nervous systems elicit chol...,
How does botox function,
How is ache modulated
26  cards
Treatment of Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD)
What is variant or vasospastic an...,
What is the concern in crescendo ...,
What happens to arterioles when t...
27  cards
Chemical Transmission in the Nervous System
Action potentials are propagated ...,
How is excitation targeted pharma...,
How is nt synthesis targeted phar...
40  cards
Drugs influencing cardiac structure and function
What are the adverse effects of d...,
By what mechanism does sns stimul...
34  cards
What classes of drugs are used to...,
Name common thiazides aceis,
Name adverse effects of thiazides
33  cards
Cardiac Drug MOA
52m complains of lightheadedness ...,
Mlc kinase does what and mlc phos...,
How does ca calmodulin differ fro...
9  cards
Hypertensive Emergency
Which 2 drugs are used for hypert...,
What molecule involved in aerobic...,
Which two toxicities block cytoch...
9  cards
Cardiac Glycosides aka Digoxin
Digoxins moa is super hy,
Digoxin clinical use is perfect f...,
Adverse rxns of digoxin are terri...
14  cards
Nitrates and AntiAnginal Drugs
What are the clinical uses for th...,
What is the biochemical moa of ni...,
Venodilation from nitrate drugs h...
21  cards
Name the 4 classes of antiarrhyth...,
Key to understanding antiarrhythm...,
Class i antiarrhythmics are which...
45  cards
Beta Blockers - Class II Antiarrythmics
What is the moa for beta blockers,
Name the most often used selectiv...,
Name non selective beta blockers ...
14  cards
3 mechanisms of current antiepile...,
22  cards
Neurodegenerative Disease
40  cards

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