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1855 Classification
What are the second growths of st...,
What are the second growths of pa...,
What are the second growths of st...
79  cards
Graves Classification
What is the second label of bouscaut,
What is the second label of carbo...,
What is the second label of domai...
16  cards
Classification of St.-Emilion/Second Labels of St.E and Pomerol
What is the second label of ausone,
What is the second label of cheva...,
What is the second label of angelus
33  cards
Sauternes Classification
What are the 11 chateaux classifi...,
What are the 15 chateaux classifi...,
Which 6 sauternes chateaux are lo...
12  cards
Bordeaux Study Guide
What is the largest aoc in france,
What percentage of wine made in b...,
What is the average retail price ...
174  cards
Clos of Alsace
What is the producer and the vill...,
What is the producer and the vill...,
What is the producer and the vill...
17  cards
Australia Study Guide
Penfolds and lindemans are now ow...,
What two events further decimated...,
Australia has successfully confin...
104  cards
Burgundy Study Guide
What are the four departments of ...,
What two communes signify the end...,
What 5 communes collectively make...
328  cards
Champagne Têtes de Cuvées
What is the tete de cuvee for ayala,
What are the tete de cuvees for b...,
What are the tete de cuvees for b...
46  cards
Famous Single Vineyards/Wines of Champagne (Not Tete de Cuvees)
What is the producer location of ...,
What is the producer location of ...,
What is the producer location of ...
10  cards
Champagne Study Guide
What two terms may be indicated o...,
Can wines me labeled champagne ou...,
When did the english begin bottli...
137  cards
Fortified Wines Study Guide
Fortifying base wines with a neut...,
What are the three great archetyp...,
What is sicilys star fortified wi...
203  cards
Northern Italy Study Guide
When was the docg system introduced,
What were the first docgs establi...,
When were the goria laws establis...
183  cards
Central Italy Study Guide
Tuscany lies along the the coast ...,
What is the traditional bottle fo...,
What was the first vintage of sas...
151  cards
Other Traditional Method and Non Traditional Method Sparkling Wines and
What are 7 traditional method spa...,
What is the difference between li...,
What are 5 non cremant appellatio...
25  cards
Rhône Valley Study Guide
The rhone river stretches from wh...,
What are the french names for the...,
Between what cities is the northe...
202  cards
Burgundy Producer Knowledge
What is the name of dominique laf...,
Clos des prouges is located in wh...,
Clos des barraults is located wit...
3  cards
Loire Valley Study Guide
What is frances longest river,
The headwaters of the loire valle...,
What is the loire valley affectio...
120  cards
Grape Synonyms
What is chenin blanc known as in ...,
What is malbec known as in the lo...,
What is cabernet franc known as i...
32  cards
Rhone Valley Producer and Vineyard Knowledge
What is the name of michel chapou...,
Which two climats of hermitage do...,
Who makes de loree what is the cl...
6  cards
Provence and Languedoc Roussillon
Which aop in provence is responsi...,
What style is cotes de provence d...,
What are the grape requirements f...
76  cards
Austria Study Guide
What major river is austrias wine...,
When was trockenbeerenauslese fir...,
Where is the most significant vit...
94  cards
Switzerland Study Guide
What 4 countries border switzerland,
What are the four national langua...,
What are the four french speaking...
16  cards
Alsace Study Guide
What is the only grape permitted ...,
Which treaty ended the 30 years w...,
What year marks a divergence in f...
53  cards
Jura and Savoie Study Guide
Jura shares a border with what co...,
What mountains define the landsca...,
Where does the jura get its name
41  cards
South America Study Guide
When did viticulture first appear...,
When did chile argentina and braz...,
What major contribution did frenc...
108  cards
Spain Study Guide
Where did spains viticultural sta...,
What style of wine was popular wi...,
17th century spain banned the pro...
204  cards
Portugal Study Guide
Where does portugal rank worldwid...,
What two fortified wines had port...,
What treaty was signed between po...
177  cards
South Africa Study Guide
Who is responsible for founding t...,
French huguenots fleeing religiou...,
Who was the original owner of con...
87  cards
Germany Study Guide
The percentage of total german wi...,
Who brought vitis vinifera vines ...,
Which monastic order introduced r...
320  cards
California Study Guide
What of american wine is produced...,
What are three species of vine th...,
What was the first vitis vinifera...
146  cards
Washington Study Guide
95 of washingtons vineyards are l...,
What is the climate of eastern wa...,
What is the dominant soil type of...
42  cards
Canada and Mexico
What were the two native grape th...,
What is the name of the red frenc...,
What were 3 french hybrids introd...
42  cards
What is the name for the greek co...,
What is retsina traditionally fla...,
What is the grape of retsina may ...
76  cards
Hungary and Eastern Europe
Tokaj is at the confluence of wha...,
What was the region of tokajs for...,
Who is responsible for delimiting...
100  cards
What is the volume of a barrique,
What is the volume of a piece,
What is the volume of a gonc
32  cards
Italian Producer Knowledge
Who makes maso scari where is it ...,
Where is tenuta di fiorano what a...,
Who makes fontalloro what is the ...
5  cards
500 Practice Qs
What is il falcone and where is i...,
What is torcolato where is it made,
What is saporavy
424  cards
Viticulture and Vinification Study Guide
What 6 things does the grower or ...,
What do advances in viticulture a...,
When does the annual life cycle o...
168  cards
New Zealand Study Guide
Who is responsible for planting t...,
Who did the new zealand departmen...,
What stymied the promising start ...
52  cards
Beer and Sake
What are the two objectives of th...,
What do hops contribute to a beer,
What are typically the four raw i...
57  cards
Spirits and Distillation
What is the simple premise behind...,
What is the boiling point of ethy...,
What is the separation of two liq...
209  cards
What is the traditional bottle fo...,
Where is a futura bottle used and...,
What is the volume of a piccolo o...
39  cards
Grape Synonyms COPY
What are 3 synonyms for nebbiolo,
What are 3 synonyms for vermentino,
What is the synonym for trousseau...
4  cards
0  cards
Specialty Wines
What is chiaretto what are two do...,
What is col fondo an what will be...,
What is torcolato
5  cards
Sparkling Wine Aging
All champagne must spend how many...,
What are the aging requirements f...,
What are the aging requirements f...
59  cards
Burgundy Vineyards
What are 5 top lieux dits of moul...,
What are 2 top lieux dits of juli...,
What are 5 top lieux dits in fleurie
14  cards
Sake Terms
What does bijinshu mean,
What does bodai moto mean,
What does chotei no sake mean
37  cards
Expert Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Jura, Savoie, Languedoc-Roussillon
What is maximum yield of pressed ...,
Match the vineyard to the correct...,
True or false wines labeled edelz...
276  cards
Expert Loire, Rhone, Provence
What styles of wine are produced ...,
How would vouvray with 35g l rs b...,
What is red grape of menetou salo...
97  cards
Expert Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa
Wilyabrup yallingup and karridale...,
Match the following famed wine ma...,
What contribution did the followi...
138  cards
Beer, Sake, Spirits Expert
What does ipa stand for,
What is the principle grain used ...,
The ipa originated in what country
156  cards
Italy Expert
Verdicchio is a common white grap...,
What is sangiovese called in mont...,
Where does arnaldo caprai make wine
173  cards
Master Spain
What are the permitted red grapes...,
What are the permitted white grap...,
What are the grape requirements f...
121  cards
Port, Sherry, and Fortified Master
What is mitad y mitad and what is...,
What is a split vintage and why a...,
Which to nations focused largely ...
152  cards
Expert Germany
What parallel runs through rheingau,
What is the expected abv range fo...,
Where is the kloster eberbach vil...
120  cards
Whats in an americano,
Whats in an old fashioned,
Whats in a pink gin
36  cards
Expert Austria and Switzerland
High quality sauvignon blanc is a...,
What are the min abv and kmw rang...,
What part of italy was part of au...
63  cards
South America Expert
Parents of carmenere,
Min of grape required for chilean...,
Sweetness levels for chilean wine
43  cards

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