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Draw Brachial Plexus, see PPT for UE and LE innervation
0  cards
ASIA Impairment Scale - Quiz in neuro PPT
What are the 5 levels of the asia...,
What is the motor level,
What is the sensory level
13  cards
What are two types of fluent aphasia,
Where is wernickes aphasia what i...,
Where is brochas aphasia what is ...
16  cards
Dermatomes and Myotomes - NPTE Powerpoint for quiz
C1 t1 myotome tests,
C5 c7 reflexes,
Dermatomes c2 t1 testing area
12  cards
Cranial Nerves - NPTE Powerpoint!
Mnemonic for cranial nerve names,
Mnemonic for sensory or motor,
Observing ptosis while testing wh...
11  cards
Modified Ashworth Scale
What are the scale number ratings,
What does each rating on the scal...
2  cards
Glasgow Coma Scale
What are the 3 ranges for the gla...,
What are the 3 categories evaluat...
2  cards
Primitive Reflexes - PPT FOR QUIZ
How does body control and general...,
When does atnr integrate,
How is the symmetrical tonic neck...
23  cards
Apgar Score p. 305
How many things are assessed on t...,
How is each item scored on the apgar,
What is the total possible score ...
3  cards
Neurodevelopmental Technique and Brunnstrom Stages p. 285
What treatment strategy suggests ...,
What are the 7 stages of recovery...,
What is stage 4 of brunnstrom
6  cards
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) - PPT QUIZ!!
What are the 4 levels of motor co...,
What is the ability to initiate m...,
What is the ability to maintain a...
34  cards
Pathology I - SYNERGY QUIZ in PPT
Neurons that are normally involve...,
Cognex aricept and exelon are dru...,
Weakness in als spreads in which ...
41  cards
How does a superficial reflex dif...,
How are superficial reflexes graded,
What are the 5 superficial reflexes
14  cards
What are the 3 categories of sens...,
What is barognosis,
How to assess deep pain
25  cards
Pharmacology p. 273
Antiepileptic agentsfunction2 sid...,
Antispasticity agentsfunction2 si...,
Cholinergic agentsfunction2 side ...
22  cards
Somatosensory, Balance, and Vertigo
Having a patient standing on foam...,
What is the vestibuloocular refle...,
What is the vestibulospinal refle...
24  cards
Motor Learning
What are the 3 stages of motor le...,
What is the difference between co...,
What do the following four types ...
9  cards
Are cranial nerves part of the pe...,
What information do the ventral a...,
What are the two times of ganglia
53  cards
Developmental Gross and Fine Motor Skills
At what age can you visually foll...,
Age for reflexive palmar grasp,
What age can you lift head to 90 ...
39  cards
Pathology II
What is the genetic cause of duch...,
Are some of the first symptoms di...,
What is used to examine electrica...
32  cards
What type of spina bifida is char...,
What type of spina bifida is char...,
What type of spina bifida is char...
72  cards
Neuro Terminology p. 263/294
Slow twisting and wirthing moveme...,
Brief irregular contractions that...,
A form of chorea that includes ch...
51  cards
Peripheral Nerve Injuries - p. 260-262
The existence of two separate les...,
Isolated nerve lesion associated ...,
Abnormal growth of nerve cells as...
12  cards

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