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Nuclear Energy
State the form in which energy re...,
Graph to show how the number of n...,
Changes in proton and neutron num...
33  cards
What is meant by the random natur...,
Define isotope,
Define radioactive half life
60  cards
Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation
Which ionizing radiation produces...,
What is the typical maximum range...,
Gamma rays have a range of at lea...
40  cards
Nuclear fusion and fission
Explain what is meant by a chain ...,
Explain the purpose of a moderato...,
Explain why the shielding around ...
35  cards
Binding energy
State the main interaction when a...,
Explain whether or not the scatte...,
State two nuclei that are most li...
30  cards
Radioactive decay
The carbon content of living tree...,
State the name of the exchange pa...,
State and explain why environment...
30  cards
Rutherford Scattering
In which direction will the numbe...,
State what most a particles being...,
A small number of a particles are...
30  cards
Nuclear radius
Graph of nuclear radius y against...,
Nuclear radius r
8  cards
Electron scattering
Why is electron scattering more a...,
Why can electrons be diffracted,
When a beam of high energy electr...
15  cards
Uses and penetrating power of radiation
Types of nuclear radiation compos...,
Test for the type of radiation a ...,
Three traits of alpha radiation
25  cards
Dangers of decay
Alpha decay dangers 3,
Beta decay dangers 3,
Gamma decay dangers 3
15  cards
Measuring decay
The instability of a nucleus can ...,
The nucleus decays by,
Alpha particles from a given isot...
15  cards
N-Z Graphs
Stability graph axis,
A nucleus will be unstable if it has,
Stable nuclei are located where o...
10  cards
Strong nuclear force
The snf between two nucleons must...,
The snf has an attractive range b...,
The effectiveness of the snf does...
20  cards
Nuclear reactors
A thermal nuclear reactor in a nu...,
The reactor core contains ______ ...
20  cards
Safety in reactors
Why must chain reactions be monit...,
Critical mass,
The mass of the fissile material ...
15  cards
Nuclear waste
Three management techniques,
Why doesnt delay and decay work w...,
3 points on high level waste
10  cards

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