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Fluid and Electrolytes
What is the signs symptoms of a p...,
What is the signs symptoms of a p...,
What is the signs symptoms of a p...
10  cards
Different Types of Urinary Incontinence
What is stress incontinence,
What is urge incontinence,
What is mixed incontinence
38  cards
Unit 3- Health and Wellness, Range of Motion, Assistive Devices
What is the health promotion model,
What does holistic health comprom...,
What is the health belief model
38  cards
Unit 4- Nutrition and Fluid and Electrolytes
To help minimize calcium loss fro...,
1 the nurse is teaching a patient...,
2 a patient is prescribed furosem...
65  cards
Unit 5 Bowel Elimination
A patient has recently complained...,
What recommendations will you not...,
Who is more at risk for colorecta...
32  cards
Unit 6 CHAPTER 29 Wounds and Skin Integrity
What are the factors that effect ...,
Does age play a factor in skin in...,
What is the function of our epide...
33  cards
Unit 6 CHAPTER 29 Wounds&Skin Integrity Practice Questions
The nurse has just reassessed the...,
1 on initial assessment of a pati...,
Four days after abdominal surgery...
98  cards
Unit 7 Activity /Exercise CHAPTER 28& Sensory and Perception CHAPTER 31 Practice Questions
What are the early signs of hypox...,
What is hypoxia,
The pt is walking around the hall...
56  cards
Unit 7 Oxygenation and Perfusion Chapter 38 Practice Questions
1 the nurse finds the patient in ...,
2 the nurse is caring for a patie...,
4 the nurse is caring for a patie...
83  cards
Unit 8 Ethics & Legal Chapter 11
What is ethics,
What is beneficence,
What is nonmalifience
64  cards
Unit 8 Stress and Coping Chapter 32
Defense mechanisms,
What is the general adaptation sy...,
What is mild anxiety beneficial f...
54  cards
Unit 8 Delegation and Prioritization Chapter 12
What are the 5 rights of delegation,
Can the person who was delegated ...,
First principle of delegation
9  cards
Med Administration UNIT 9&10Chapter 35
Medication designations
165  cards
What are the 6 right of med admin,
What are the 3 checks of med admin,
Po med acetominphen
9  cards
Pain Management Chapter 36 Unit 9/10
1 when assessing the patient for ...,
2 which statement best describes ...,
3 which method is the most accura...
84  cards
Ethnicity & Culture Chapter 21 Unit 9/10
3 the student nurse learns that w...,
What is culture,
What is ethnicity
16  cards
Health Literacy & Patient Education Chapter 14 Unit 9/10
1 the nurse understands the uniqu...,
Ans athe unique ability of a pati...,
2 a 58 year old man is admitted f...
48  cards
Loss and Grief Chapter 42 Unit 11/12
What is loss,
What is grief,
What is anticipatory grief
49  cards
Isolation And Safety Precautions
Contact precautions diseases,
Airborne precautions diseases air...,
Droplet precautions diseases
3  cards

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