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Chap 20- Health history and physical assessment
What are the four assessment tech...,
Assessment technique that involve...,
Assessment technique that uses to...
9  cards
Communication- (chapter 3)
The dynamic process of communicat...,
Dynamic process of communication ...,
Dynamic process of communication ...
30  cards
Documentation, Electronic health records, and Reporting (Chap 10)
Any written or electronically gen...,
A document with comprehensive inf...,
A record of one record of care su...
23  cards
Vital Signs Chapter 19
These allow the nurse to detect c...,
Vital signs consist of what 5 things,
Vital sign measurable heat of the...
51  cards
Nursing Process
A complex concept that involves t...,
Concept mapping collaborative gro...,
The process of deliberately think...
23  cards
Asepsis and infection control
Freedom from and prevention of di...,
Group of microorganisms that live...,
Nonspecific immune system that pr...
23  cards
Health and Wellness (Chapter 16)
The job of the nurse is to promot...,
A state of complete physical ment...,
Describes the relationships betwe...
43  cards
Activity, immobility, and safe movement (Chapter 28)
The ability to walk without the n...,
Transfer belts should be used for...,
How much room should there be bet...
23  cards
Nutrition (Chap 30)
The body s intake and and use of ...,
The necessary substances obtained...,
An imbalance in the amount of nut...
103  cards
Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance
The movement of water across cell...,
The force created when 2 solution...,
Refers to the number of osmols un...
76  cards
Electrolyte imbalances
This electrolyte imbalance is 136...,
This electrolyte imbalance is 145...,
This electrolyte imbalance is 35 ...
25  cards
Electrolyte function and normal levels
Normal level 136 145 meq l princi...,
Normal level 35 5meq l produces r...,
Normal level 9 105meq l primary c...
12  cards
Fluid imbalance disorder
Name the fluid imbalance disorder...,
Name the fluid imbalance disorder...,
Name the fluid imbalance disorder...
4  cards
Diagnostic tests for fluid and electrolyte balance
This test gives direct informatio...,
This lab test indicates renal fun...,
This lab test gives information o...
9  cards
Urinary elimination (Chapter 41)
Healthy adults eliminate approx h...,
The urinary system controls the c...,
These organs filter liquid waste ...
61  cards
Bowel elimination (Chapter 40)
Stool analysis is useful in ident...,
Bleeding that occurs in upper gi ...,
Bleeding that occurs in lower gi ...
28  cards
Crutch and Cane training
Is weight placed on hands and arm...,
Step1 of crutch use both crutches...,
Step 2 of crutches
9  cards
Skin Integrity and Wound Care (chapter 29)
What are the three main layers of...,
This is the outermost layer of th...,
The outermost of the epidermal la...
55  cards
Chapter 35- Medication Administration
What are the 4 designations of a ...,
This is the registered name assig...
2  cards
Chapter 36- Pain Management
What are the 4 different ways tha...,
Out of the blue pain that lasts l...,
Post op pain that persists more t...
16  cards

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