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1. Exam 1 Review
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Introduction to Primary Health Care
The declaration of alma ata decla...,
Primary health care originated in,
In 2018 the ____________________
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Who should receive antibiotic pro...,
Pcn narrow spectrum penicillinase...,
Pcn narrow spectrum penicillinase...
51  cards
body and metabolic changes in the older adult
Arcus senilis,
Stasis dermatitis,
Red reflex is opaque gray versus ...
11  cards
Mi s s,
Aaa dissecting abd aortic aneurysm,
53  cards
Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
What are the two parts of the cga,
What is the purpose of the cga 3,
What are the three pros to the cga
61  cards
Treatment of ca mrsa,
Treatment of group a strep skin i...,
Treatment for subungal hematoma
27  cards
Proper way to conduct an eye exam,
What is the shape of the optic disc,
What should the cup disc ratio be
74  cards
What kind of antigens and antibod...,
What is a unique development for ...,
What is the pathology of type 2 dm
48  cards
End of life care
Why is the quality of life during...,
Deaths in the us occur most often...,
What are the three trajectories o...
33  cards
Endocrine disorders
Diagnosing diabetes,
Managing dm1,
22  cards
Advanced activities of daily livi...,
Instrumental activities of daily ...,
Activities of daily living adls
31  cards
Down syndromeoccurrence rate chro...,
Xxy syndrome and phenotypical man...,
Xo karyotype
6  cards
Temporal arteritis giant cell art...,
Severe bacterial infection presen...,
Acute closure glaucoma
45  cards
health screening
Breast cancer screen uspstf,
Cervical cancerpap liquid cytology,
16  cards
Healthy living across the life span: Adolescents
Adolescence is generally consider...,
Name 5 adolescent issues that can...,
What is the most common illicit d...
20  cards
Healthy living across the life span: Adulthood
What are the four guiding princip...,
How does the world health organiz...,
How does the world health organiz...
83  cards
Healthy living across the life span: Older persons
What are the leading causes of bu...,
What is the leading cause of deat...,
What are some benefits of physica...
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men's health review
Testicular cancer,
Prostate cancer
25  cards
Pediatric respiratory issues and disorders
What age can you start pfts,
Obstructive lung disease characte...
41  cards
Auscultatory area of the aortic v...,
Auscultatory area of the pulmonic...,
Auscultatory area of the aortic o...
104  cards
Pulmonary/Resp Disorders
Pulmonary embolism,
Impending respiratory failure ast...,
Normal findings of lungs
61  cards
Social Determinants of Health
How is epidemiology information used,
What are 3 key components of the ...,
Why did public health start to im...
45  cards
Toddler age,
Preschool age,
Cognitive focus for 2 4 year olds
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