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Week 1- Chapters 9, 10, 15
Which of the following is a key f...,
What was the main purpose of the ...,
The canada health act 1985 establ...
85  cards
Week 2- Chapter 2-Managing, Leading and Following
A nurse manager of a 20 bed medic...,
A unit manager of a 25 bed medica...,
A grievance brought by a staff nu...
28  cards
Week 3- Chapter 7- Legal Issues
Which province in canada does not...,
Which of the following has the hi...,
Athena a registered nurse rn has ...
28  cards
Week 3- Chapter 12- Power, Influence, Politics
A nurse manager is encountering p...,
Nurses who engage in infighting s...,
A nurse belongs to several profes...
20  cards
Week 4- Chapter 3- Developing the Role of the Manager
A nurse manager has worked rapidl...,
The nurse manager as the leader o...,
A nurse manager is encountering c...
24  cards
Chapter 18- Strategic planning/Goal setting
Planning is a process designed to...,
A community based pain management...,
Northwestern hospital has decided...
25  cards
Week 5- Chapter 16- Staffing and Scheduling
The number of adverse events such...,
To prepare staffing schedules a n...,
An important aspect of managing t...
22  cards
Chapter 2- Developing the Role of the Leader
Change in health care must occur ...,
Nursing leaders require several c...,
Self doubt in novice nurses is a ...
20  cards
Week 6- Chapter 13- Caring and Communicating
A nurse manager was orienting new...,
The nursing manager of a surgical...,
The clinic nurse has just accesse...
18  cards
Week 6: Chapter 22- Understanding Quality, Risk and Safety
A new graduate is asked to serve ...,
The chief executive officer asks ...,
A nurse manager wants to decrease...
20  cards
Chapter 25- Managing Personnel Changes
The most important approach that ...,
The nurse manager knows that the ...,
In keeping with guidelines of the...
26  cards
Chapter 24: Managing conflict
A group of staff nurses is dissat...,
Two staff nurses are arguing abou...,
The nurse manager is aware that c...
24  cards
Chapter 26: Workplace Violence and Incivility
Your health care organization pla...,
Jay a newly graduated registered ...,
In which of the following situati...
24  cards
Chapter 27: Intra and Interprofessional Practice
John is part of an interdisciplin...,
The nurse manager is setting up t...,
A key advantage that a nurse mana...
25  cards
Chapter 11: Cultural Diversity
According to leininger 2002 cultu...,
Cultural diversity is the term us...,
One of the staff nurses on your u...
21  cards
Chapter 6: Ethical Issues
The manager in the coronary care ...,
Normative ethics is concerned wit...,
A patient refuses a simple proced...
22  cards

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