nurs317 finals (unit 7)

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Unit 7: Ch 51 (Porth's 5th Ed) - Structure and Function of the Skin
1 after falling off his bicycle a...,
2 which of the following statemen...,
3 a nurse is teaching a client ab...
20  cards
Unit 7: Ch 52 (Porth's 5th Ed) - Disorders of Skin Integrity and Function
1 an 18 year old female of southe...,
2 an 11 year old boy with skin le...,
3 the father of an 18 month old g...
20  cards
Unit 7: Chapter 03 (Karch 7th Ed) - Toxic Effects of Drugs
1 a nurse is planning patient tea...,
2 a patient presents at the clini...,
3 a 42 year old male patient is b...
35  cards
Unit5: Chapter 08 (Karch 7th Ed) - Anti-infective Agents
1 a patient asks the nurse how an...,
2 the nursing student learns abou...,
The nurse administers a drug to t...
35  cards
Unit5: Chapter 09 (Karch 7th Ed) - Antibiotics
1 a 32 year old female patient is...,
2 a patient with a gram negative ...,
3 how would the nurse describe se...
35  cards
Unit5: Chapter 10 (Karch 7th Ed) - Antiviral Agents
1 the nurse explains why viruses ...,
2 while calculating the drug dose...,
3 a patient taking nevirapine vir...
35  cards
Unit5: Chapter 11 (Karch 7th Ed) - Antifungal Agents
1 a 17 year old male patient with...,
2 the nurse admits a 1 year old c...,
3 the nurse is teaching the patie...
35  cards
Unit5: Chapter 12 (Karch 7th Ed) - Antiprotozoal Agents
1 the patient is having an acute ...,
2 the nurse is caring for a patie...,
3 the nurse is caring for a patie...
35  cards
Unit5: Chapter 13 (Karch 7th Ed) - Anthelmintic Agents 1.
1 a public health nurse is speaki...,
2 a mother of a 3 year old child ...,
3 a nurse is teaching a young mot...
35  cards

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