ob gyn residency

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Chapter 2: Maternal Anatomy
0  cards
Chapter 3: Maternal Physiology
Hcg is structurally similar to wh...,
True or false 1 trh levels rise d...,
What happens to the following dur...
5  cards
Chapter 26: Induction & Augmentation Of Labor
Refers to the stimulation of cont...,
Refers to the enhancement of spon...,
Enumerate indications for labor i...
33  cards
Chapter 28 (Breech Delivery)
Typeof breech in wherein the lowe...,
Type of breech wherein both hips ...,
Type of incomplete breech wherein...
54  cards
Chapter 42: Preterm Birth
True or false
33  cards
Chapter 51: Pulmonary Disorders - Asthma
Increased airway responsiveness a...,
Hallmarks of asthma 4,
The following cells are involved ...
30  cards
GYN Chapter 28: Intraepithelial Neoplasia of Lower Genital Tract
True or false hpv is most common std,
True or false hpv infection is su...,
Which of the following is not a r...
10  cards
GYN Chapter 29: Malignant Diseases of the Cervix
Scca vs adenoca 80 85 of cervical...,
Degree oil differentiation of cer...,
These tumors are morphologically ...
14  cards
Chapter 11: Disorders of Amnionic Fluid
Amniotic fluid volume increase,
Amniotic fluid composition,
Abnormally decreased fluid volume
32  cards
Chapter 5: Implantation and Placental Development
How many oocytes does the ovary c...,
How many follicles are present at...,
How many follicles are normally r...
27  cards
Chapter 19 Ectopic Pregnancy
Most common segment with ectopic ...,
A condition in which epithelium l...,
Clinical manifestation
29  cards
GYN Chapter 17: Ectopic Pregnancy
Increased incidence of ectopic pr...,
Ectopic pregnancy rate is increas...,
True or false most ectopic pregna...
9  cards
Chapter 22: Normal Labor (skeleton)
Define and give typesliepresentat...,
Fetal and maternal axes cross at ...,
Presentation head is flexed sharp...
22  cards
Gyne Ch. 18: Benign Gynecologic Lesions
Most common large cyst of the vulva,
2nd most common malignancy arisin...,
Characterize dysplastic nevus of ...
8  cards
OB Ch. 45: Multifetal Pregnancy
Which of the following is increas...,
Dizygotic twins are technically n...,
Identical twins are monozygotic t...
10  cards
GYN Chapter 36 Amenorrhea
0  cards
GYN Chapter 26: AUB
Mean amount of menstrual blood lo...,
Average iron lost in once cycle,
What treatment is preferred in wo...
11  cards

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