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History Taking
What is gravida,
What is parity,
What do you need to ask about in ...
10  cards
Obstetric Physiology
What is the placenta formed from,
What happens to the placenta at d...,
What happens to the placenta at d...
77  cards
Obstetric Monitoring
How many antenatal appointments s...,
How many antenatal appointments s...,
What is routinely done at all app...
58  cards
CTG Monitoring
What do the following abbreviatio...,
What is define risk,
What do you need to record about ...
38  cards
Obstetric Presentations
What is an antepartum haemorrhage,
How common is an antepartum haemo...,
What would you ask about in the h...
35  cards
Early pregnancy
What is the upper limit at which ...,
Where can an abortion be performe...,
How is a pregnancy terminated bef...
71  cards
Pregnancy Complications
What is placental abruption,
What happens in placental abruption,
What are the types of placental a...
85  cards
Labour and Birth
What is the lie of the fetus what...,
What is the presentation of the f...,
What is the vertex position of th...
156  cards
Maternal Health
What normally happens to blood pr...,
How can hypertension in pregnancy...,
What complications are associated...
123  cards
Gynaecology Physiology
What is the effect of oestrogen o...,
What is the effect of progesteron...,
What hormones are seen in the men...
10  cards
Gynaecology Presentations
What acute conditions can lead to...,
What chronic conditions can lead ...,
What investigations would you req...
17  cards
What is dysmenorrhoea,
How does dysmenorrhoea commonly p...,
What investigations would you req...
68  cards
Continence and Prolapse
What are the types of genitourina...,
How can genitourinary prolapses b...,
How can genitourinary prolapses p...
38  cards
Gynaecology Oncology
What cancers may present with abn...,
What cancers may present with pel...,
What cancers present with abdomin...
74  cards
Gynaecology conditions
What is a fibroid who are they mo...,
What is the pathogenesis of fibroids,
What are the types of fibroids
92  cards
What general advice would you giv...,
How does the cocp work,
What is the failure rate of the cocp
84  cards
What is infertility,
What are the main 2 categories to...,
What can cause tubal damage and t...
25  cards
Gynaecology Interventions
What is a hysterectomy,
What are the types of hysterectomy,
How can hysterectomies be done
8  cards
What are the causes for vaginal d...,
What type of discharge is seen in...,
What type of discharge is seen in...
83  cards
What is hiv,
Describe the life cycle of hiv,
What happens to cd4 levels for a ...
30  cards
Prolonged Labour
How should a delay in the first s...,
How can a delay in the first stag...,
If oxytocin is offered to induce ...
11  cards

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