ocr a gcse biology (b1-b3)

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What is the nucleus for,
What is the mitochondria for,
What is the cell membrane do
41  cards
B1.2 - DNA
What is a chromosome,
How many chromosomes are in human...,
Define clones
29  cards
B1.3 - Respiration
in line with specification
28  cards
B1.4 - Photosynthesis
What are the reactants in photosy...,
What is the word equation for pho...,
State the balanced chemical equat...
29  cards
B2.1 - Supplying the cell
What is diffusion,
How do particles move during diff...,
When does diffusion stop
78  cards
B2.2 - transport and blood
Why are tapeworms able to survive...,
Why do multicellular organisms re...,
How have we adapted to maximise t...
67  cards
B3.1 - Nervous system
How does your nervous system work,
What are the three stages of a ne...,
How to glands respond to a stimuli
56  cards
B3.2 -Endocrine System (use Miss Howard’s for plant hormones, use this for human hormones)
State three endocrine glands,
Where is the thyroid gland,
Where is the pituitary gland
73  cards
B3.2 spec
Define what a hormone is,
How are hormones released,
How are hormones transported arou...
27  cards
B3.3 - maintaining internal environments
What temperature may you have a r...,
How does exposure to extreme cold...,
What does exposure to high temper...
67  cards
B3.3 spec - blood sugar and temp
Explain the importance of maintai...,
How does exposure to cold affect ...,
How does exposure to high tempera...
19  cards
b3.3 spec - maintaining water levels
If the blood is a higher water po...,
What condition would cause cells ...,
What does urine contain
20  cards

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ocr a gcse biology (b1-b3)

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